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Picking a printer can be very tough. Because the companies have been producing thousands of printers based on the needs of the customers. Each of them is coming with lots of specifications and features. Most of the printers at present times come with a specific purpose. Printers nowadays are designed to perform a particular job. Some printers are suitable for texts and documents. Some are good for brochures and cards. Some are good for photographers and artists.

In this article, I am going to briefly discuss about the modern printers, what specifications to look for while choosing a printer and recommend you best printer for home which are specially designed for printing colorful texts and documents and even photos sometimes.

These are the six printers that are specially designed for texts and documents and you can even use it for printing normal photos. This type of printer is especially suited for home, small business, office and students.





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Brother HL-L3270CDW


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Canon Pixma MG3620


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HP ENVY 5055

All in One

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HP OfficeJet Pro 9015

All in One 

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HP LaserJet Pro M254dw


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Brother MFC-J895DW

All in One

Before choosing a printer first thing you want to know is your purpose of buying the printer. Yes, of course you can go all in all printer if you not heavy user. But still you have to know the types of modern printers and specifications and their measuring scale. Otherwise, you might not have good experience.

luca onniboni 4v9Kk01mEbY unsplash

Types of modern printers

They are many types of printers at present. In this article, I am going to discuss about most popular five printers. They are:

  • Inkjet printer.
  • Laser printer.
  • All in one printer.
  • Plotter.
  • 3D printer.

Inkjet printer: An inkjet printer is based on inkjet technology. It simply sprays ink on the paper through nozzles. Modern inkjet color printer has up to six ink tanks for creating thousands of colors. This type of printer is printer very famous among artists and professionals.

 But the price of a professional inkjet printer can be very high as works with extra details. But you do not need this for normal home and small business works. You can fulfill basic needs by a 150$ inkjet printer. Compared to the laser printer, the operating cost is high in case of inkjet printer.

An inkjet printer consists of printer head, ink cartridges, belt, stepper motor, belt, stabilizer, paper tray, roller and circuit/controller.

Printer is the main part of the machine which holds the nozzles by which ink is sprayed on the paper. Ink cartridges are the reservoir that contains the ink. The stepper motor moves the printer head and ink cartridges to and fro for spraying ink on the desired place on the paper. Belts are used to make connection between printer head, ink cartridges and stepper motor.

But the movements of the printer head and ink cartridges may not be accurate. For this, stabilizer is used to make the movements perfect. On the outer structure, there is paper tray; paper tray is used to keep the paper. Rollers are wheels which are used to pull the papers into machine.

Another stabilizer is used to make the movements of the papers into machine is precise. To control the overall system, a circuit/ controller is used so that the device works according to the instructions of the instructor.

best home printer

Laser printer: Laser printer is based on laser technology which was first developed in the Xerox research institution by an engineer working under the company. The theories of static electricity are used in this type of modern printers. Static electricity is the charge developed due to frictions. This type printer has gained due to robust structure and fast printing ability. If you need to perform a load of printing works, this should be your choice. The starting price of this type is high when compared to the inkjet printer. But the operating cost is less when compared to the laser printer.

A laser printer consists of drum, toner, fuser and controller. Drum is the heart of a laser printer. It is positively charged and rotates. Due to this rotations, patterns are formed which is to be printer on the paper. The patterns are of the texts, documents and photos that we desire to printer.

Toner performs after the pattern is created. Toner is ink powder which is positively charged. The powder is then coated with the drum. As they are both positively charged, they tend to repel each other. So, the powder sets themselves where the patterns are created as the patterns are less positively charged. On the other hand, the papers are negatively charged by a wire. So, the papers just pick up the powder ink on it.

As the ink is powder they are heat to stick on the paper. This is done by the fuser. Fuser heats the paper at a very high temperature to stick the ink on the paper for good. Papers do not get burned because the heat is given for very small period of time. A controller is used to control the system. The controller helps to connect the instructor with the machine.

All in one printer: All in one printer provides multiple services. An all in all printer comes up with facilities printing, scanning, copying and faxing. Most of the modern printers are now all in one printers. The manufacturers use inkjet or laser technology to produce all in one printer. If you need to perform multipurpose jobs like scanning, copying and faxing, you should go for a good all in all printers.

A good all in all printer has the ability to printer texts and documents, photos, greeting cards and brochures, professional photos, graphic works etc. The starting price of an all in one printer is about 150$. The operating cost depends on the inkjet or laser technology and the color combinations. But if you need a quality all in one printer, you budget should be around 300$.

Plotter: Plotter is basically large printers used for more accurate works. Many people do not classify plotter among printers. The basic difference is the plotter uses pens, pencils etc. to draw the patterns. Plotters perform the job by automated pens. This type of printer is suitable for computer aided design, graphic works and vector graphics. This printer can draw continuous lines and does not produce texts and documents out of dots.

When compared to the best printers, it is more accurate and precise. For this reason, this type of printer is suitable for engineering drawings, building designs and artists. But the price is of a plotter can be very high compared to the printers. The starting price is 1600$. The price varies depending on the types and sizes. Different types of plotters are drum plotters, flat belt plotters, electrostatic plotters and roller plotters. Before choosing a plotter, you must want to know the reason of your purchasing the plotter. Otherwise, you might not have a good experience.

3D printer: The basic purpose of a 3D printer is to printer on a 3D object and create it. 3D printer uses the ingredients to create the object and print the desired design on the object. It is used to build the prototypes of three dimensional objects. This type of printer is used to various works like making jewelry, dolls etc. 3D printers are normally used for business purposes. The price of a 3D printer is very high as the technology is newly developed.

Now that you know about the basic types of printer, I will be discussing what specifications and features to look for while choosing a printer. As I said earlier, each printer is designed for specific purposes. To choose a printer you need to know the purpose at first. So, you will know what type of printer will support you perfectly.

Once you have chosen the type of printer, you must take a look at the specifications and features. Specifications and features of a printer define the compatibility of a printer. For example, you can expect a good inkjet printer which is specially designed for photos to print very high quality greeting cards and photos. Each of the printers supports specific types of papers.

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Features and specifications to check:

Color and resolution: A printer can be just black and white and with multiple colors. This is the first specification you want to note. The presence of four ink tanks is enough for colorful printing. They are cyan, magenta, yellow and black which is professionally known as CYMK. Modern inkjet printers come up with up to six ink tanks.

By the combination of the inks, you can produce thousands of colors. If you have read about the basic three color i.e. red, yellow and blue in primary school, the concept is similar.

Image quality of a printed documents or photos depends largely on the resolution. The printer creates images by dots. So, the resolution of a printer is measured by the number of dots per inch (DPI). The higher is the number of dots (DPI), the better is the print quality. A printer having 480 dots per inch (DPI) specification can print 480 dots per inch both horizontally and vertically.

A printer having resolution of around 1500 dots per inch (DPI) is good enough for almost anything. At present time, printer manufacturers produce printer with different dots per inch (DPI) value for row and column. For example, 1000 x 500 DPI, this means the printer can create 1000 dots per inch (DPI) horizontally and 500 dots per inch (DPI) vertically.

Paper types and sizes: The next thing you want to check in a printer is the paper types and sizes. Paper types and sizes define the paper by their thickness and sizes. Papers can be of various types and sizes each of them is suitable for a specified works. You cannot print a good quality photo on an A4 size paper. The most commonly used papers are documents papers which are thicker than the papers used in newspapers.

Cardstock papers are used for heavy works and photo papers are designed for photos. The weight of a paper is measured by Ib. A 100 Ib paper means the weight of 500 sheets of paper is 100 Ib. For larger works, A3 papers are used. You must want to check the types of paper the printer support before choosing.

Page count: This is the specification you must want to predict before choosing a printer. A printer can print a particular number of pages per months. You must have a look on it. You can go for printers approved by International Organization of Standardization (ISO). A printer which can printer 8000 pages per months without any damage of the machine can be considered standard.

Duplexing: Duplexing is the ability of a printer printing both sizes automatically. This is not a must look feature. But even the low price printer has this support. So, you can take a look for more confortable works.

Compatibility: It is the connecting process of your smart device or computer with the machine. USD is very old fashioned. You must have a printer which can be connected by Ethernet and WiFi. At present, the printers have memory slots. You can print by connecting your smart device or computer with machine by WiFi. Even you can print without connecting any other device.

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