13 Printing Business Ideas at Home

If you want to be self-employed and start your own business, then you have tons of opportunities in printing business sector. Over the past few years, this sector has been spread surprisingly. Printing sector has demand in both local market & online market. For the continuous demand, it has become a very promising sector for startup businesses.

With a little budget, you can start a printing business at your home & target the customers on digital online marketplace. And yes! Most importantly, there is always an opportunity to reach your local customers. As there are varieties of sector about printing, you have options to choose the suitable sector in which you can do the best!

So, now let’s discuss about some of the best printing business ideas that you can start as a profitable business. & yes of course at your home!

T-shirt Printing

T-shirt printing is the most popular and well known printing business ideas of all. And it really has demand among the young people. The fact is almost every people own at least one t-shirt. Custom design, musical band, fictional character, sports related design, different catchy quotes etc. are printed on t-shirts. And these prints are highly demanded products. The best thing about this t-shirt business is: it has no possibility of becoming outdated business as almost every people can wear t-shirts.

If I talk about the design, you can design your own t-shirts or download the free designs from internet & print them on T’s. You just have to understand what are the trendy designs and catchy quotes that attract people. You can either sell as a wholesaler to the local stores or you can open a website to sell your products online. You can also offer the customers that you will print them t-shirts with the custom design they want or the custom quotes they want. You can also take orders from any groups or organizations to deliver them custom designed t-shirts.

The good news I want to give you that you do not need a giant capital for starting this T business. With a decent capital of 700-800 dollars you can set up your own business at home. You just need a printing machine and t-shirts to roll on the way! Boom!

Name/Number Printing on Jersey

Name, number or logo printing on a jersey is a similar business idea like t-shirts with a slightly different operation. Here you will not only sell jerseys with printed name/logo. You will also provide only printing service. If someone come to you with a jersey and ask for printing name/number, you will give him the service at a decent price. It’s the basic difference with the t-shirt business.

Most of us are fan of either soccer, cricket, basketball or other outdoor sports. & we support our team or club from the bottom of our heart. To show our support and love, we often buy jerseys of respective teams or clubs. And we also like to have our name and number on the back of the jersey. Or you may want to print Ronaldo/Messi’s name on the back of your jersey. Most of the store doesn’t provide this service to customers. So, the idea is selling jersey with name and number printed on the back.

You can also provide custom designed jersey for local teams or amateur teams. And also printing service on jersey for amateur teams or clubs. You can also take contract of printing sponsor’s name on jersey for local sports tournaments. Selling jersey with printing privileges will boost your sell and will create a big demand in the local market. And you can make a good profit from this business.

Mug Printing

Mug printing is also very famous printing business idea! It’s more like a souvenir or gift to have or to give. Exotic designed mugs are still in demand in the market. But the most demanding is custom designed mugs. Like logo of a company, picture of any person or any quotes etc. are highly demandable.

The main target for this business should be to capture the corporate market. As the corporate sector uses mugs or this type of things for their advertising and branding, there is a demand of printed mug. You might see mugs with famous brands logo or you might have them as a gift. Many organizations give these printed mugs to people as a gift. So, corporate brand logo printed mug can bring you a large number of profit, if you can take the order from them.

You can also create an online shop & provide service to people who want their favorite one’s picture printed in a mug. Couple picture printed on a mug are very trendy at this time. & this can be used as a great gift. So, you can also provide this type of service to people. You can also sell various designed mug on online. Providing online service for this will bring you some great deal for sure.

Calendar, Leaflet, Banner Printing

Calendar, leaflet & banner, this type of things are still one of the best way to promote a company or business. It’s an evergreen marketing or advertisement policy for the companies. So, every company need their own calendar, leaflet or banners to be printed.

So, you can see there is a demand in the market for this type of printed products. You can have contracts with the companies for making them calendars, which they will give their customers as gifts. And you see the banners and leaflets catch our eyes. By having contracts for printing these banners and leaflets, you can earn a large amount of profit.

Business Card Printing

Business Card is a small card that holds business’s name, location, type, phone number etc. important information. So almost every business have their own business cards. It doesn’t matter whether the business is emerging or established, all of them need a business card.

So you can see it has pretty much demand in the market. Because every business need this card. So printing business card is a very good business option. You just need a printing machine and a cutting machine to start a visiting card printing business. By selling these cards, you can earn a very good profit.

Smartphone Cover Printing

Smartphone cover printing is another great business idea. Smartphone case is now not only considered as a necessary item, it is also considered as a fashion item. At this moment, printed back cover is the new trend. Teens and youth people are very much into these covers. They like to have their favorite design in the back of their phone. You can say, your favorite hero, favorite sportsman, favorite sports club, favorite character, quotes etc. are the top choices for your phone case. 

Abstract design has also huge demand. Most of the time people want their custom printed case. You need to provide this service. The customer will give you a design and you will print that on their phone case. You will also sell some preprinted cases based on the ongoing trends. With those you can open an online store & sell your product. This is a pretty profitable business and easily manageable at home.

Label & Sticker Printing

Label & sticker are the things which every products need to be recognized. Almost all clothing products need labeling sticker on it. Other types of goods and products also need labeling sticker. Without labeling and sticker, sometimes product identification is not possible.

If you plan to do business in this sector, you will make a great profit. Because there are tons of order you can get from different types of business and manufacturers. Here, the large amount of order will bring you more money. And also packaging box needs to be printed with brand names. So there are lots of opportunity in this business.

Winter Jacket or Hoodie Printing

Winter jacket or hoodie printing business idea is more like a t-shirt printing business. But the difference is: this is a seasonal business. Or you can do this business with t-shirts business also. It’s more like an optional business for t-shirt seller. And seasonal business for those who can’t do business all over the year. Like t-shirts, jackets or hoodies are also very trendy and won’t go out of fashion any soon. Custom design, musical band, sports teams, different quotes etc. printed hoodies are highly in demand. Another trend among people is to make hoodies under the banner of an organization or college or university. 

For this reason, you can get a large number of order from college or university or any organization. You just need to print their desired design with their college or organization logos.

You can either do this business online or offline. Or you can have contract with any organization to provide them their custom hoodies. It’s a profitable business for seasonal businessmen & yet very easy to start up.

Plywood Printing

Plywood printing business is a unique business idea for those who love to paint. Printing a painted picture on a plywood and sell this as a showpiece is a profitable business. People love to decorate their home or office-space with nice showpieces or paintings. Digital painting can be printed on plywood. & this printed plywood looks very attractive. You can print the same picture in many different sized plywoods as much as you want. So with one digital painting, you can print as many times as you want. So, the showpiece making cost will not be as much as the real painting.

 So, it will be very affordable to people. As you know, plywood showpiece brings a different touch or flavor to the decoration. You can sell this type of products on online platforms. Or you can also deliver these to gift shops or showpiece shops. It’s a low cost and home manageable business for starters.

Ornaments or Pendants Printing

Pendant printing business is the next trendiest business in this printing business sector. Printed pendant ornaments are now highly in fashion among the women. Ornaments like necklace, earrings can be made from printed pendants. Varieties of design will make a large collection of ornaments for your business. You will get order and then print those designs on the pendants.

For this you won’t need to have a warehouse or that kind of thing. Opening an online shop will do the rest of the work. This is a great business idea for those who have smaller investment and doesn’t have enough space for starting a business. This business is also perfect for students or women who stays at home or even in hostels.

3D Printing

3D printing is the future big thing! It is said that 3D printing will dominate the printing business sector in future. 3D printing is a print of solid 3D shape from a picture which is commanded by a computer. For example you can say, with 3D printer you can print a square shaped box. You just you need to click on your computer & the printer will print the solid shape. In future it will dominate the industry for sure. 

Because you can create a real shape from a picture within a minute by just a printer, which reduces time and make sure that you get your exactly desired shaped product. Sometimes we need small shaped parts for engine or other mechanical things. If we try to create those parts manually then it’s a very time consuming process. Rather you can just give necessary commands to your computer and it will give you a perfect shaped parts. You can sell those parts and products. And you can create various types of things as you want. It might be a little bit expensive than other printing businesses, but trust me it will rule the future.

Shopping Bag Printing

Whenever we go to a shop or market & buy anything, the shopkeeper gives us a shopping bag. Every time every people buys anything, they get a shopping bag! So you can understand the huge amount of demand of shopping bags in our daily operations. Now a days, the shops and businesses want shopping bags printed with their logos and names on it. Because it’s another marketing policy for them. People get to know about the shop or business by looking at the shopping bags.

As it has high demand on market, you can start a shopping bag printing business with a low budget. I think new business starters who doesn’t love to take bigger risk, they can go for this type of less risky and well established businesses. Because here, the demand is high & risk is low & a good profit is certain. So you can start printing shopping bags business as a better option.

Greetings Card Printing

It’s an old but still a great seasonal printing business idea! Especially greeting cards are in very much demand in wedding & festive seasons! Such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, even mother’s day is a good occasion for greetings card business. 

In those special days a greeting card with some specials word in it, for your near & dear ones can be a great gesture! So, it’s still a very good business idea for the starters. It’s a very low cost business to start. & it’s perfect for those who wants to do seasonal business. A printing machine & some cool designs will make the work done. & you can earn a good profit from it also.

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