15 Incredible Ways to Use a Printer at Home 

Most of the computer users cannot imagine their set up without a quality printer. Smart devices like laptops, tablets, smartphone and monitor lets us see the texts, documents and photos. But we cannot touch or carry them. In most of the cases, we need to share texts and documents like memos, reports, and budgets and create photographs. So, the uses of printer are immense and increasing drastically. In this article, I am going to share 15 incredible uses of a modern day printer.

T-Shirt Printing

Over the few years, people are going crazy over T-Shirt printing at home. Some people like to design their T-Shirt as hobby and want one piece unique t-shirt for their own. They like to make their closest one happy with custom made t-shirts. Most people design and print t-shirt at home for business purposes due to huge opportunity and easy work.

Actually, there are two ways to print t-shirt at home. One method is called heat transfer and the other is called screen printing.

Between the two methods, heat transfer is easier. All you need is a quality printer, proper heat transfer paper and a heat press. It is possible to use regular iron instead of the heat press machine if there are not enough budgets. But the heat transfer papers should be chosen properly.

t-shirt printing

Although screen printing is more tricky. But if the plan is business, this method is suitable due to cost efficiency and long lasting color. In screen printing method, a quality transparency, a printing and screen preparation are the basic ingredients. It should be noted that, each screen can only produce only single color. So, it will require some space for all these.

Label & Sticker Printing

Label and sticker are the easiest and cost effective way to advertise a business. We can be find label and sticker all over pace. Everything we buy has a label or sticker on it.

Label and sticker is almost same thing but has a slight difference between them. Label includes official information like contact number, logo and brand slogan. On the other hand, sticker is a graphic work representing the brand.

In order to make label and sticker at home, it is required to choose a proper paper first. Most people choose vinyl paper or label paper for creating label and stickers at the lowest cost. It should be noted that a quality printer compatible with label paper is required.

labels and stickers

For water proof labels and stickers, it is required to use high quality matte label papers. Matte label papers are costly. In this case, a pigment ink printer is an essential element. Pigment ink is popular for giclee and archival printing.

For creating premium quality labels and stickers by a printer at home, decals can also be an excellent option.


Regular Texts & Documents

Over the last few decades, we have advanced with technological devices tremendously. But no matter how much we advance with rocket science, we must need hard copies of your value documents. We need to print documents like thesis paper, memos, agreement papers, bio data and birth certificates, class assignments etc. at our regular life.

Having a printer at home can be really handy in such cases. But it should be noted that there are various types of printers and each of them is manufactured for a specific purposes.


I never met a professional photographer who does not use a printer at home. For a photographer, a quality camera and a printer is a dream. The camera shows the creativity of the photographer and the printers give the creation a life. So, having the right camera and printer is a dream for very photographer.

For a budget photograph printer, an inkjet printer with at least five ink cartridges can be an easy option. For premium quality photos, it is better to choose a pigment ink printer. On the other hand, the sublimation printers and plotters work very well for photographers.

Canvas Printing

Canvas printing is a process of creating large photos on fabric or plastic in order to make the image long lasting. This is relatively a new method of art. We could not image this before a few decades. But with the development of printing technology, it is possible to create canvas at home with a moderate quality plotter.


In most case, canvas print is used to decorate the house and office at a low cost as the real arts cost very high. In order to make a quality canvas printing, the resolution of the camera has to be very high.

The popularity of canvas print has evolved in recent years. The most common uses of canvas print is in house, exhibition and gifts. As the popularity is still in the rise, this can be a great opportunity for a business idea.  

Architectural Printing

Architectural and mechanical drawing can be the most critical thing to do with hand sketching. It becomes very tough for the engineers who do not like sketching. As an engineer, I know the pain and hassle. But with the recent development of softwares and printing technology, the task of engineering design and drawing become very easy.

The softwares like AutoCad, SolidFaceIllustrator etc. can be very useful for vector graphic and design works. In fact, most engineers at present time design their works by using softwares and make the hardcopies using printers. But in order to attain the detail works, a very high quality printer is to be used. In most of the cases, a plotter of pigment ink preferred.


Greeting Cards & Envelopes

Greeting cards and envelopes are one of the most common uses of printers. With a modern inkjet printer, it is possible to premium quality invitation cards at home. From wedding cards to holidays, printers can be useful to print customized and professionally designed cards. So, if you have a moderate quality printer, you do not have to go the store to print printable. In fact, it is very easy and less costly to start a business of greeting cards.

greeting cards

For design, you can user Microsoft PowerPoint, Canva or Illustrator. But in case of selecting the paper, it is required to be very careful. For high quality image, you have to select right cardstock paper. On the other hand, the printer has to be compatible with that specific paper.

Flyers & Business Cards

Although many people do not consider business cards and flyers as a means of developing their business, they are still a great way to grow business. Just with a quality printer and card, it is possible to make flyers and business cards at home.

In order to give the business cards and flyers a professional look, it is the right way to put name, address and logo on it. The choice of color will be based on the type of business. Google Chrome and Canva can be a great way to get started with business cards flyers designs. The last to remember for making business cards and flyers is the selection of right papers. There are tons of options to choose the cardstock papers.


Decal is a method of graphic printing on plastic material. One of major advantage of this material is the pressure sensitivity which allows sticking the material on any type of surfaces. On the other hand, the image produced on those materials are very sharp and long lasting which makes them ideal for outdoors and promotional works.

One of the major forms of decal is vinyl transfers decal in which each letter are cut and then stick to the desired surface at an equal interval.

Most people get confused and mix up decal and sticker. In short, all stickers can be called as decals but all decals are not sticks. Decals are much boarder terms of printable which be used both indoors and outdoors. For proper creation of waterslide decals, the proper sectional of the papers and a printer are must.

Printing on Wood or Metal

Modern printing technology makes it very easy to print on woods and metal. In fact, the process is so easy that it can be done at home without any ease. For this, you will have to remember a couple of things.

In order to print on wood or metal, a quality inkjet or laser printer can be used. But inkjet printer will be better as it creates more detail and accurate photos.

In the basic steps of printing on wood of metal, you will need to print the photo on a piece of paper. Once the printing is done, a photo transfer medium is to be used. The paper has to be cut accurately by a cutter and the fluid is to be placed perfectly using brush. Then, it is time to place the designed paper on the material. It will take hours to transfer the picture depending upon the material. Once the photo is transferred, the paper is removed and the desired photo on wood or metal is obtained.

Printing Graphics & Illustrations 

There was a time when printing graphics and illustrations were very pricy. There was no way print graphics and illustrations except press machine. But now the scenario is different. It is possible to print high quality graphic and illustration works with $200 printer at home.

Printing graphics and illustrations from store can be very costly especially if it is in small amount. So, if you are some who need to print graphics and illustrations regularly, the better and cost effective way is to print at home. You do not have to take a lot of hassle for this. All you need is a printer and the right kind of paper.

Party Decoration

Most of the party decoration paper materials in the store are same. If you desire to make a unique party decoration, there is no way except creating some handouts.

It is not tough to do this. You can create thousands of unique and customized designs within hours. If you have a printer which can print on cardstock, it can be handy. On the other hand, you can go to a local printing store and print them.  

Books Covers

Many people like to sketch their book covers. There are some like me who does not have sketching skill who has to no way to create book cover except designing softwares. Either way, it is necessary to print them to make copies of them. But printing books can cost largely.

One way to print at cheaper rate is using a printer home. This will certainly save thousands if you need to print a lot at a regular interval.   

ID card

 In this age, picture identification is a need for associations. Consequently, numerous organizations have decided to print ID cards at home. They do not have to pay to have these personal ID identifications or face any security issues. Most identifications incorporate full-shading photographs and imprinting on the two sides. Many incorporate innovation that permits representatives to get into the office.

Printing your ID cards at home will set aside you cash and permit your organization the adaptability to change the plan or add distinctive data at whatever point required.

Making a personal ID and printing your cards at home is simple and requires brief period. To begin with, you should choose the correct printer for your necessities. A couple of alternatives that can be chosen are the capacity to print on the two sides of a card i.e. duplexing. Printers additionally shift by printing speed, print quality and compatibilities.

Card plan programming incorporates a simple to utilize format making it simple to type text, pictures and make a standard layout for all your ID cards. Some card plan programming permits you to spare your cards in an information base, import from data sets, and organization the card printer you're printing to.

The support of ID card printers is simple. Each card printer has its own personal cleaning pack that incorporates cleaning cards to keep the feed rollers clean and print head cleaning swabs to keep the warm print head clean. Standard upkeep will keep your printer running admirably and make it last more.

Check Printing

On the off chance that your business includes day by day distributing of checks, at that point getting a devoted printer for checks will be a practical speculation.

With the headway of innovation, an extraordinary change in the business has been seen throughout the most recent couple of years. Presently, the work has gotten more agreeable and quicker than any time in recent memory. In this way, business visionaries can accomplish the entirety of their set objectives inside no time.

In the advanced period, it is generally simple to keep checks rather than money. Subsequently, the interest for checkbooks has been expanded.

With the assistance of check printers, you can get the prints rapidly and spare your valuable time. These printers help print checks with uncommon inks that are useful to keep the innovation of checks. Besides, the printers let you print the checks at fast and conservative costs. Along these lines, you set aside your time and cash.

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