A Complete Guide to Clean a Printer & Fix Paper Jams

Dealing with paper jams can be really frustrating if you are beginner printer user. But it can be fixed by following some easy steps. For this, you actually need to clean your printer. Printers do not necessarily require cleaning at a regular interval. But long time and rough use can cause a lot of dust particles inside the printer which can lead to excessive heat of the printer and various mechanical problems including paper jams. So, it is a good practice to clean your printer every now and then although you do not have any paper jams.

In this article, we will be explaining how to clean any type of printer, fix actual and fake paper jams step by step.

How to Clean a Printer?

How to Clean a Printer?

Before getting into the steps, you should note that positioning your printer is important. You must need to make sure that you printer has sufficient space in your set up. This allows the air flow from inside easily which keeps the amount of dusts down. So, you will not need to clean your printer regularly. It should be noted that you must unplug your printer at least before 10 minutes you start cleaning. In this article, we will be guiding all the steps to clean the different parts of your printer completely.

1. Cleaning exterior part of the printer: The outside part cleaning of a printer is a very simple process. You can use a dry cloth or slightly dry cloth to clean your printer. If you do not clean for a long time, it is better to go with a slightly dry cloth. But we recommend you not to use any sprayers or solvents directly; this may move into your functional printer parts and harm your device.

2. Cleaning the interior part of the printer:

a) At first, you need to remove all the papers from the paper tray.

b) Secondly, you need to remove the paper tray.

c) Thirdly, you need to open up your printer.

d) Fourthly, you need to remove the ink cartridge and toner by the help of some ribbons. For this, you can take a look at your user manual as different printers have different setups.

e) Now, you can clean the interior part of your printer. You need to clean each and every parts of your printer including paper roller, ink cartridge and toner. We recommend you to use a lint free cloth to clean your printer.

f) You should not use any wet cloth, solvents or sprayer to clean your printer. This can damage your device.

g) If you do not clean your printer for a long time and your printer has a lot of dust particle inside, you can use a vacuum cleaner with small nozzles.

h) You must unplug you printer when you need to clean. After you have unplugged, you need to give it some rest at least for 10 munities. Finally, when you are done cleaning and set everything up, you should plug in at least after 30 munities.

3. Cleaning by automatic clean option: You can clean the interior of your printer automatically. You can do this from the control panel of your printer by using printer button. You should know that some printer does not support automatic cleaning with printer buttons. In that case, you need to perform the cleaning operation from your computer. For this, you need to access your “printer maintenance” option in your computer. It is better to follow the user manual before using the printer buttons.

How to Avoid Paper Jams?

Before we move onto paper jams, we would like to recommend the best ways to avoid the jams. If you could follow these, you are less likely to face any paper jams.

1. Although printer does not require cleaning regularly, you must clean both interior and exterior parts of your printer once in very couple of months to avoid paper jams as we explained above.

2. You must use the papers recommended by the manufacturer of your printer. Printers are manufactured to create images on specific papers. For example, you cannot printer on thick vinyl papers if your printer is designed to print only text and documents on thin papers.

3.The positioning of your printer should be horizontal. You must provide your printer some space to flow air properly.

4. The paper tray must not be overflowed. If you overflow your paper tray, the sheets will be in tight space and cause paper jams.

How to Deal With Paper Jams?

Fixing paper jams

Paper jam is the most common and frustrating problem of a printer. And trust me; this happens at the most critical times. It takes time to fix paper jams. But you can figure it out in a few steps.

1. You must switch off and unplug your printer before you start dealing with paper jams.

2. You must wait at least 30 minutes after you unplugged your printer. Some printers specially laser printers produce large amount of heat. So, it can injure you.

3. At first, you need to remove the papers from both the input and output trays. Sometimes, papers get stuck in paper rollers or near the output tray. In such case, you can easily remove the papers by slowly pulling the papers. You can use small tweezers if you cannot reach the narrow hole.

4. If the paper is stuck heavily, you need to open up your printer. For this, you need to remove the ink cartridge or toner along with some ribbons. You can take help of user manual for this.

5. When you get inside the device, you will find the jammed paper. You must try to remove the paper very slowly. Otherwise, you can be destroying your device. You can use tweezers for this. 

6. Once you have successfully opened your printer and removed the jammed paper, you need to check the dirt inside your printer. If you find it too dirty, you must clean it.

7. Once you have removed the jammed paper and cleaned the printer, you must wait at least 30 minutes before you start working again.

How to Fix False Paper Jams or Paper Jams Error?

Sometimes there is no paper inside. Still the printer shows paper jams error. Of course this is annoying. This occurs mainly due to the dust particles inside your printer. You can get away with it by only cleaning the paper rollers. If this is not the case, you will need to open up your printer and clean it all.

Quick Tips

Most smart device users like to have a printer at present times. Although, monitors and sound systems allow seeing and hearing the works, the printer provides the print out documents. In recent years, the printing technology has developed like an explosion. So, the printer manufacturers are investing much in research works more than ever. In such case, there are thousands of printers to choose from a variety of collections and each of them comes with specific specifications.

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