Best Printer Manufacturers: Companies/Brands & Tips

Well, this is a really  tough question. In order to choose a printer, first you need to know the purpose of using the printer. A printer can be utilized in various aspects like text and document printing, photo printing, cardstock printing, envelope printing and printing on fabrics.

There are thousands of printer manufacturers in the market. And at present time, printers are designed for specific purposes. Suppose you can buy a printer from a very renowned company and the printer is specially designed for cardstock papers. You cannot blame the manufacturers if the printer does not create high quality photos.

Top Printer Company

As I said earlier, there are thousands of printer brands. But as a thumb rule, when you are sure of the purpose of buying a printer, you can stick to a few companies who are doing great in the market providing valuable products and satisfying customer demands. Before choosing a printer, you must know that there are primarily two types of printing technology i.e. Inkjet and laser.

Below is a list of six companies that I recommend while choosing a printer:

Lexmark was established in 1991 in Kentucky and gradually earned the trust of the customers in printing area. Currently, Lexmark is supplying products and services in more than 170 countries. Lexmark has used extremely innovative technology in printing which has been proven extremely efficient. They have created some great inkjet and laser printer which are suitable for multipurpose works.

Brother is one of largest companies who produce printers. Initially started their journey in 1954 and gradually gained fame in printing, sewing, labeling and scanning. The thing I like most about brother is that brother printers are affordable with desired quality. So, if you are under budget, you want to choose brother. You can get very high quality under $300 with such features that other give for much more price. Most of the brother printers are perfect to suit with compatible cartridges.

Xerox is one of the most prominent printer manufacturers in the world. Xerox invented and contributed in printing world a ton. They came up with multiple new inventions and technology. Their research budget is very high. In fact, in case of new inventions and applications of science, Xerox as a printing company is best among the other printer manufacturers. Xerox produces budget printer to very high quality priced printers.

HP is a pioneering computer accessories and laptop who are known all over the world. They are constantly developing their products and ensuring quality by the help of the world best engineers. They have earned fame for environmental sustainability. When it comes to operating cost of the high quality printers, HP is the option with no question asked.

Epson Printer

Epson is multi-accessories company who has been shinning as a dominant manufacturer in printing, scanning, system devices and automation. They provide high performance and efficient products as per the customer demands. Epson creates all types of printer. You can use Epson printer for home and office use, photos, printing on cardstock and envelopes, greeting cards etc. Artists who work for creating fine and craft works praise high priced Inkjet Epson printer as they produces very small detail of the works.

So, the number one in my printer producing company is Canon. The multiple awards winning company has gained reputation and trust of the customers due to the quality products and affordability since their beginning in 1955. Very few companies work with such innovation mentality. They produce all type of printers from cheap to very high quality as the necessary of the users. Most of the professional photographers rely on Canon due to fine and detailed prints provided by Canon Inkjet printer and laser’s superb surface forming ability.

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