Best Printers Under $200 in 2021: Around $150

Selecting a printer can be extremely hard. Because the firms have been creating thousands of printers based on the requirements of the consumers. Each of them is coming with lots of requirements and functions. Most of the printers at present times feature a specific objective.

Printers nowadays are designed to carry out a certain task. Some printers are suitable for texts and documents. Some are good for pamphlets and  cards. Some are good for professional photographers and crafters. If you are here to know about the best printers under $200 and around $150, you can choose one of the recommended ones for the proper purchase.

In this article, I am going to briefly discuss regarding the specifications of printers, modern printer types and recommend you best printer for your budget which are specially developed for publishing vivid texts and documents and may be photos in some cases.

These are the 6 printers that are particularly created for texts and you can also use it for printing regular pictures. This type of printer is particularly suited for home, small office and students.





Hybrid ink system, 

high resolution,

inkjet technology.


Paper plain support,

duplex support,

LED screen.


Inkjet technology,

multi function,

duplex support.


ISO authorized,

high speed,

Duplex support.


Wireless support,

laser technology,

high resolution.


Ink saver,


high speed printing.

Prior to selecting a printer first thing you would like to know is your purpose of acquiring the printer. Yes, of course you can go for an all in all printer if you not heavy individual. However, you have to know the types of modern-day printers and requirements for their measuring scale. Otherwise, you might not have good experience.

Functions and requirements to check for printers under $200

Shade and resolution: A printer can be simply black and white and with multiple shades. This is the very first requirements you wish to keep in mind. The existence of four ink containers suffices for colorful printing. They are cyan, magenta, yellow and black which is skillfully called CYMK. Modern inkjet printers develop as much as six ink containers. By the combination of the inks, you can create hundreds of shades. If you have checked out the fundamental three colors i.e. red, yellow and blue in primary school, the concept is comparable.

Photo quality of printed records or documents depends greatly on the resolution. The printer produces pictures by dots. So, the resolution of a printer is determined by the variety of dots per inch (DPI). The higher is the variety of dots (DPI), the far better is the print quality.

A printer having 480 dots per inch (DPI) spec can print 480 dots per inch both flat as well as vertically. A printer having resolution of around 1500 dots per inch (DPI) is good enough for virtually anything. At present time, printer suppliers create printer with various dots per inch (DPI) value for row as well as column. For instance, 1000 x 500 DPI, this suggests the printer can develop 1000 dots per inch (DPI) flat and 500 dots per inch (DPI) down.

Paper kinds and sizes: The next thing you intend to check in a printer is the paper kinds as well as sizes. Paper types and sizes specify the paper by their thickness and sizes. Documents can be of different kinds and sizes. Each of them are suitable for a specified work.

You cannot publish a good quality picture on an A4 size paper. One of the most commonly used sheets are matte  papers which are thicker than the papers utilized in newspapers. Cardstock documents are used for hefty works and photo papers are created for pictures specially. The weight of a paper is measured by Ib. A 100 Ib. paper indicates the weight of 500 sheets of paper is 100 Ib. For larger jobs, A3 papers are utilized. You should wish to check the types of paper you want to use before choosing a printer.

Page count: This is the spec you have to monitor before choosing a printer. A printer can print a specific number of pages per months. You must have a look on it. You can go with printers authorized by International Organization of Standardization (ISO). A printer which can printer 8000 pages each months with no damage of the device can be taken into consideration as standard.

Duplexing: Duplexing is the ability of a printer by which the printer can print in both sides of a paper automatically and manually. This is not obvious look feature. However, the low cost printer has this assistance. So, you can take a look for even more comfortable works.

Compatibility: It is the linking procedure of your smart device or computer system with the equipment. USD is old fashioned. You need to have a printer which can be connected by Ethernet and WiFi. Today, the printers have memory slots. You can publish by connecting your gadget or computer system with device by Wi-fi. Moreover, you can print without connecting any other device.

Kinds of Modern Printers

They are many kinds of printers today. In this write-up, I am going to review concerning most prominent five printers. They are:

1. Inkjet printer.

2. Laser printer.

3. All in one printer.

4. Plotter.

5.3 D printer.

Inkjet printer: An inkjet printer is based upon inkjet innovation. It just sprays ink on the paper via nozzles. Modern inkjet printer has up to six ink storage tanks for producing hundreds of colors. This kind of printer is extremely renowned among professionals and experts. 

However, the price of a specialist inkjet printer can be really high. But you do not need this for typical home and local business works. You can fulfill fundamental requirements by a 150$ inkjet printer. Contrasted to laser the printer, the operating expense is high in case of inkjet printer.

An inkjet printer consists of printer head, ink cartridges, belt, stepper electric motor, belt, stabilizer, paper tray, roller and circuit/controller.

Printer head is the almost all of the maker which holds the nozzles through which ink is splashed on the paper. Ink cartridges are the storage tank which contains the ink. The stepper motor moves the printer head as well as ink cartridges to and fro for spraying ink on the wanted place on the paper. Belts are used to make connection in between printer head, ink cartridges and stepper motor.

The movements of the printer head as well as ink cartridges may not be accurate. For this, stabilizer is used to make the activities excellent. On the external structure, there is paper tray; paper tray is utilized to maintain the paper. Rollers are wheels which are used to draw the papers right into printer. Another stabilizer is used to make the activities of the documents right into device accurately. To manage the overall system, a circuit/ controller is utilized so that the gadget functions according to the directions of the user.

Laser Printer: This is based on laser innovation which was first developed in the Xerox research establishment by an engineer functioning under the business structure. The concepts of static electrical energy are used in this sort of modern-day printers. Static electrical power is the charge developed because of rubbings. This type printer has actually obtained because of robust framework as well as fast printing ability. If you need to perform tons of printing works, this must be your choice. The starting rate of this type is high when contrasted to the inkjet printer. However, the operating cost of laser printer is less when contrasted to the inkjet printer.

A laser printer contains drum, printer toner, fuser as well as controller. Drum is the heart of a laser printer. It is positively billed and revolves. Due to this rotations, patterns are created which is to be printed on the paper. The patterns are of the messages, documents and images that we desire to print.

Toner executes after the pattern is created. Toner is ink powder which is favorably billed. The powder is then covered with the drum. As they are both positively billed, they have a tendency to ward off each other. So, the powder sets themselves where the patterns are developed as the patterns are much less favorably charged. On the other hand, the papers are adversely charged by a wire. So, the papers simply get the powder ink on it.

As the ink is powder, they are warm to stick on the paper. This is done by the fuser. Fuser heats the paper at an extremely high temperature to stick the ink on the paper completely. Papers do not obtain shed because the warm is provided for really small time period. A controller is utilized to manage the system. The controller helps to attach the user with the machine.

All in one printer: All in one printer offers multiple solutions. An all in one printer has the capability of generating printing, scanning, copying and faxing activities. The majority of the contemporary printers are currently all in one printers. The suppliers use modern inkjet or laser technology to create all in one printer.

If you need to carry out multi-purpose jobs like scanning, copying and also faxing, you must opt for an excellent all in all printers. A good all in one printer has the ability to printer texts as well as records, pictures, greeting cards and pamphlets, professional photos, graphic works etc. The starting price of an all in one printer is about 150$. The operating expense depends on the modernity inkjet or laser technology and the color combinations. However, if you need a high quality all in one printer, you budget should be around 300$.


Plotter: Plotter is basically large printers utilized for even more accurate works. Lots of people do not categorize plotter among printers. The standard difference is the plotter uses pens, pencils etc. to draw the patterns. Plotters execute the job by automated pens. This type of printer appropriates for computer system helped layout, graphic jobs and vector graphics. This printer can draw constant lines as well as does not generate papers out of dots. When compared to the very best printers, it is a lot more precise and specific. 

Consequently, this kind of printer is suitable for design drawings, building designs as well as large brochures. But the price is of a plotter can be really high contrasted to the printers. The starting price is 1500$. The cost differs relying on the kinds and dimensions. Various types of plotters are drum plotters, level belt plotters, electrostatic plotters and roller plotters. Before selecting a plotter, you have to need to know the reason of your purchasing the plotter. Otherwise, you might not have a good experience.

3D printer: The standard function of a 3D printer is to print on a 3D things. 3D printer makes use of the ingredients to produce the object and also print the wanted design on the item. It is used to develop the models of three dimensional items. This type of printer is used to perform various works like making jewelry, dolls etc. 3D printers are typically utilized for business objectives. The price of a 3D printer is really high as the technology is newly created.

Since you know about the fundamental sorts of printer, I will certainly be discussing what specs and attributes to seek while picking a printer. As I claimed previously, each printer is developed for specific purposes. To choose a printer you need to recognize the purpose initially. So, you will certainly understand what type of printer will sustain you completely.

As soon as you have chosen the type of printer, you must have a look at the specifications as well as functions. Resolution, speed, ink type, paper support and duty cycle are the five most important specifications to check before choosing a printer. Requirements as well as features of a printer specify the compatibility of a printer. As an example, you can anticipate an excellent inkjet printer which is particularly designed for pictures to print extremely excellent quality greeting cards and also photos. Each of the printers supports particular kinds of papers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Why printer is an output device?

Answer: From the definition of printer, we find that printer is an output device but most people get confused with it. This may be due to fact that both monitor and printer are output devices. When we type or create any text or images by using keyboard, mouse or touch pad, we are inputting the data to the storage devices. So, the keyboard, mouse or touch pad are input devices. In the same way, we get the visual representation of those input data by our smart device screen, monitor or printer. Although we get output from both monitor and printer, only printer can provide the output in hard copy.    

2. What is the difference between pigment and dye based ink?

Answer: Pigment is a synonym for color. Pigment ink uses very small colored substances to offer shades. The ink basically sits on the sheets and do not require any time for dyeing. The ink is long-term. Besides, the ink is water-proof and sunshine resistant. Due to its consistency, pigment ink is preferred by the most experts and artists.

On the other hand, Dye based ink uses small particles that are soluble in water. It is the most commonly used of ink in inkjet printers. Dye based ink is mainly suitable for indoors. The ink is affordable as well as most commonly used for sharp color. Dye based ink is not suitable to utilize for outdoors as the ink is not water-proof and also sunlight immune. Additionally, the ink is not permanent.

3. What is the difference between eco solvent and solvent printer?

Answer: Eco solvent ink is risk-free environmentally and most ideal for indoor applications. The printing media and also ink do not have any kind of dangerous ingredients. One more crucial feature of eco solvent printing is that it is biodegrade and so, it can be soaked up by body without any intricacy. However, eco solvent printing is more costly.

On the other hand, Inkjet printers utilize solvent ink. Solvent ink is oil based which have pigment and resin. It has extremely high content of VOCs. It can have very hazardous smell. Solvent ink is environmentally hazardous as well as not biodegrade. However, the shade is irreversible. This sort of ink and also printing media is utilized both inside and also outdoors. The ink is water and sunshine resistant. The ink cost is affordable.

4. What is cardstock paper?

Answer: Cardstock papers are thick documents. These papers appropriate for leaflets, greeting cards, sales brochures, envelopes etc. When the weight of the paper is about 210-300 GSM, it is taken into consideration as cardstock paper and matched for really top quality pamphlet. If the weight is 350 or more GSM, they can be used to make very thick as well as premium quality cards. These types of cards are used for sophisticated and expensive works.

5. What is vinyl paper?

Answer: Vinyl papers are long lasting and specially used for stickers. These papers are difficult to tear. Vinyl papers are waterproof and UV resistant. These can be cut by using cutting machines or scissors. T-shirts sticker is one of the most common use of vinyl papers.

6. What is heat transfer paper?

Answer: Heat transfer paper is normally used for transferring heat. The most common use of heat transfer paper is in the t-shirt business. A quality printer is used to create detail image on the heat transfer paper. Then, the heat press machine is used to attach the image on the t-shirt by applying heat and pressure.

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