Canon vs. Epson printers-2021: Comparison

With the continuous development of technology, all the companies are trying to bring the latest features on their products. There is always a silent war among the companies to lead the market. And the basic rule of leading the market is providing best products or services and customer satisfaction. So, all the famous brands try to improve their products and go for crazy advertising to attract customers. So, it’s very hard to tell which one is better than the other.

Same rule is followed for the printer brands. If you are planning to buy a new printer, it’s normal to get confused about which brand or which product to choose. Because there are different printers for different uses in various budget range. So, according to your budget if you are planning to buy between Canon or Epson printer. Then I will tell you that both are very famous printer manufacturers. If you go to their showrooms, they will tell you that their product is better than the other. And your situation will be really confusing. But hey, don’t get mad! I am here to help you come out from this situation. After reading this article, I hope you will be able to make the right decision for you. And you will know whether Canon or Epson is better for you. So, hold your chair as it’s going to be a very close competition.

Overall comparison at a glance


Canon printer

Epson printer

Printing speed (B&W)



Printing speed (color)



Cost per page (B&W)



Cost per page (Color)



Copying speed (B&W)



Copying speed (color)



Printing noise









Customer experience



Details about Canon printers

Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational company which is specialist in manufacturing camera, lenses and other electronic goods. Canon’s camera and lenses are very popular for their versatile quality. Canon’s headquarter is in Tokyo, Japan. The beginning of today’s Canon Inc. started on August 10, 1937. The Canon name came from Buddhist bodhisattva Kannon. Following that year, Kannon was replaced by Canon to sound it modern for mass people. Canon was basically established with a high ambition of making high quality cameras. But now they are not only making high quality cameras, they are also leading manufacturer of printer, semiconductor, scanner, medical equipment, projector and other electronic goods.

In 1985, Canon introduced a new technology called bubble-jet technology. And launched their first ever inkjet printer. After that, they continues to rule the printer business. Canon was the only principle maker of print engine for industrial laser printers. Apple, HP used Canon’s engine to make their laser printer. In 2010, Canon made acquisition of a Dutch printer company named Océ. And in 1st January, 2020 Canon renamed Océ to Canon Production Printing. Now canon is producing printing systems under this brand name. Canon’s inkjet printer, laser printer, all in one printer are very demandable in market.

Key features of Canon printers

  • Good text printing quality
  • Fast color copying
  • Fast scanning
  • Cheap ink cartridge price
  • High quality image
  • Thermal print head technology
  • Easy color calibration
  • Wireless capability
  • Budget friendly
  • Durable

Details about Epson Printer

Seiko Epson Corporation, commonly known as Epson is been around us for more than hundred years. It’s a Japanese electronics company & it’s headquarter is in Suwa, Nagano, Japan. Epson is the abbreviation for Son of electronic printer. Epson manufactures computer printers and imaging related equipment. The journey of Seiko Epson started in 1881 when K. Hattori and company was established. From this Seiko Group was derived. Later Seiko group’s subsidiary Suwa Seikosha was evolved to today’s Seiko Epson.

Seiko group was established to make watches & they were very famous watch maker all over the world. They introduced Seiko movement watch & quartz watch. As to know, Seiko didn’t have any plan to enter in the printers business. But in 1964 this company got a contract for making timer, more specifically printable timer for 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. From this time Seiko started to develop an electronic printer.

Seiko launched world’s first electronic mini printer EP-101 in September 1968. From 1975 Seiko started business of printer in America with the name Epson. With the revolution of personal computers in late 80’s, Epson launched their TX-80 dot matrix printer in 1978. After two years the improved version of TX-80 was launched as MX-80. Mx-80 was a huge success for the company, & with this printer Epson had 60% of the dot matrix printer market alone.

In 1993 Epson invented Micro Piezo inkjet technology. This technology used a piezoelectric crystal in nozzles to prevent heating the ink while spraying ink on paper. This resulted in the launch of Epson Stylus 800 printer. In 1994, the first high resolution inkjet color printer was launched with the name Epson Stylus Color P860A. Later Epson introduced their durable ink for stylus series. Epson printers consist of two hard drives – HD 850 and 860 interface. In 1997, Epson launched 1440 dpi resolution color inkjet printers.

Key Features of Epson printer

  • Fast text printing
  • Fast photo printing
  • Cheap cost per page rate
  • Can do heavy work
  • Refillable ink tank
  • High resolution
  • Less power consumption
  • Less ink use
  • Eco friendly
  • Micro Piezo inkjet technology
  • Supports Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Facts to Remember and Compare while Choosing Printer

When you decide to buy a printer, you need to remember some facts to compare between Canon and Epson. These facts will help you select the best printer for you.

Purpose of use

Before buying a printer, you should first consider that in which work the printer will be used mostly. There are different choices for home and office printers. Some printers are good for image printing and some are for just normal text printing. If you are a designer then you should obviously buy the better color provider printer. And if you just want a printer for home, then you shouldn’t buy so expensive ones. So, firstly determine for what usage you will actually need a printer. Then you should consider about the other things. Both Canon and Epson have different purpose printers.


Now the question is, which functions you need for your printer. You may need a printer and a scanner. So, instead of buying two gadgets, you can find both functions in one printer. Modern printers can be multi functioned. For example a printer can have print, scan, photocopy and fax functions. These printers are called all in one printers. Both Canon and Epson has all in one printers. So, the point to be noted that, if you already have a scanner or photocopier, then you shouldn’t buy a printer with those extra functions. So, decide what functions you actually want.

Printing Speed

It’s another important fact to decide. Because if you need to print a ton of papers at a time, you will probably like to have a printer which can print faster. A printer with slower speed will cost you more time. But if you are a light user then you probably won’t need a faster printer and you can invest those bucks for other priorities. Here, we can see Epson printers are faster than Canon printers.

Image quality

If you are a designer or photographer, then you will need a printer that produces very high quality images. Not all the printers are suitable for high quality image printing. Inkjet photo printers are best for photo printing. And you will need to decide after knowing which printer provides better resolution and pixel density. Both Canon and Epson offers high quality photo inkjet printers.


When it comes to printing cost per page, it’s not an ignorable fact at all. If you buy a cheap printer with higher cost per page rate, then you are actually spending more in long run. It depends on the price of ink cartridge. So, my suggestion is to go for the printer which offers cheaper printing cost per page. If you need to print a lot amount of paper, then you should go for Epson printers over Canon. Because Epson offers a little bit cheaper cost per page rate than Canon.

Paper handling

Don’t forget to keep in mind that the paper you will use to print is an important factor for printer. Because there are specific printers to print on specific papers. If your purpose is to print on card stock then you shouldn’t buy a printer which is for regular paper printing. And you should also think about the size of the paper. Large papers can only be printed on wide format printers. So, buying a small printer for your job will be a waste of your money. My suggestion is: Before you buy a printer, check which sizes of paper they support.


If you need a wireless connectivity, then you should check for the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible printers. And another thing is to choose a printer which is supported with your device’s operating system. Only older models have this issues. Both Canon and Epson’s latest models are compatible with almost all operating systems.


If budget is an issue, then you need to go for a printer which provide better features in cheap price. Canon and Epson both offers good quality printers in different budget range. Canon printer’s price starts from $70 and maximum price for a printer is about $1300. Epson printer’s price range is among $120 - $2000. So, you have both brands to choose the best printer within the budget you have.


Before buying a printer, you should know about what supports the company provides. How is the warranty policy? How fast technical support is provided? Do they provide telephone/email support? Are the parts replaceable? The answers of these questions will help you understand about their after sales support. And my suggestion is to buy the printer that comes with better customer support.

When/why should you choose a canon printer?

If you are planning to have a printer that has excellent features within good budget range, then maybe we are talking about Canon. The perfect reason for choosing Canon is that their printers provide the solid value of your money. There are other reasons to choose canon printers. Canon provides absolute better than average text printing and stunning photo printing. The scan quality of canon is truly remarkable.

Advantages over Epson: Canon printer’s thermal print head technology avoids print head clogging. It’s better than the Epson’s nozzle check and print head cleaning feature. Canon printers require less cleaning than Epson printers. In Canon printers color calibration can easily be done by using canon branded paper. But in Epson printers, you will need a technician to do a calibration or linearization. Canon’s vacuum transport mechanism ensures better paper feeding than Epson printers.

 The special features for what you should go for Canon are:

  • Cheaper ink cartridges
  • Better copying speed
  • Quality text printing
  • Better glossy photo printing
  • Better scan quality

When/why should you choose an Epson printer?

If you are a person who needs a heavy duty printer, then Epson is the right choice for you. Epson printers can take the work load and save your time by fast printing. Epson uses ecofriendly technology in their printers. If you are finding a printer for photo printing, Epson printers are great option. The photo printing quality of Epson is superb. The Micro Piezo inkjet technology ensures better resolution and pixel density which means better photo printing quality.

Advantages over Canon: The main advantage of Epson is it provides faster printing than Canon printers. The print per page rate is very low for Epson printers. So, in long run Epson printer will cost you less money. Epson printers uses Eco friendly technology and it consumes less electricity than Canon printers. Less ink consumption is another advantage of Epson printers.

The special features for what you should go for Epson are:

  • Eco-friendly technology
  • Faster printing speed
  • Cost efficiency
  • Better photo resolution
  • Supports in all operating systems

The final Verdict

As you see after reading all those comparisons, there is a very close competition between Canon and Epson. This type of rivalry brings good for the customers. And it’s very hard to say which one is better specifically. Both Canon and Epson are better than each other in different categories. So, you have to understand your needs and you will be able to say which one is perfect for you. Before jumping to the ending, I will just tell you to set your priority list of features that you need. And then re-read the comparison of Canon & Epson. The one which fulfills the most priorities, that one is the winner for you. So, I hope this article has been helpful to you and your confusions are over. So, don’t be late to grab your perfect printer and share your experience with us. participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to