Best Duplex Printers-2021: Top 6 Auto & Manual Printers

Duplexing is a common printer feature by which you can print in both sides of the sheets automatically. Duplex printer can serve as auto and manual printer. You can get a top duplex printer within a small budget.  Various paper types are available in the market and can be extremely challenging to handle. These documents are utilized for various functions. From xerox to art work, multiple papers have actually gained fame in the world of documents.

In this post, I will allow you to learn about both kinds of modern-day printers, printer specs suitable and excellent for best printer, printer features and various other techniques of printing.

The followings are the printers that I suggest as duplex printers. You have  to know that not printers are suitable for all paper. You have to know that duplex printers can be handled both by automatically and manually. 





Laser technology,

duplex support,

high resolution


Duplex support,

Laser technology,

Ultra speed.




Multiple paper support


Duplex support,

Multi function,



Duplex support,

High efficiency,

High resolution


High Paper speed,

Variety paper support,


The task to be exact, you will certainly require to be cautious regarding a couple of points. You will certainly require a great paper at first. Then, you will need a really top quality printer for designing works. If you fall short to select the appropriate printer for your works, you will need to take care of  lot of paper jams, waste you ink and  might be destroying your printer in anger. However, thankfully the printer producers have actually designed some certain printers which are particularly suited for all documents.

So, let's get started with both types of modern printers. The two modern-day printers are inkjet and laser printer.

1. Inkjet printer.

2. Laser printer.

Inkjet printer: Inkjet printer utilizes inkjet innovation in which the ink is instantly sprayed on the papers upon direction. This is the most famously utilized printer that is known for its accuracy as well as  information works. This sort of printer is preferred by the engineers, artists and designers as they call for the picture to be best. The beginning cost of an inkjet printer has to do with $80. But each of them includes details specs and the price varies. The operating cost is usually extra contrasted to the laser printer.

If you do not want to know about the printers and desire a route answer. Then, you can adhere to a general rule to select the best printer for graphic works. You should choose an inkjet printer which works with clear papers and capable of printing the documents of your desired sizes. The 2nd fundamental you intend to follow is the printer must have six ink tanks. The 3rd point I recommend you to adhere to the above two policies and acquire a printer around $600, then you will be good to go for anything you want to print.

Laser Printer: Laser printer utilizes laser innovation which is based upon the theories of fixed power. Basically, printer makes use of completely dry powder and  rubbing energies to create images. This kind of printer was first started by the Xerox Firm which was made by an engineer of the business.

The cost of a laser printer is relatively greater than an inkjet printer but the good part is the operating expense can be very reduced contrasted to the inkjet printer.

Laser printers are recognized for its speed and ability to perform mass jobs. This is the reason individuals are so overwhelmed regarding laser printers. In order to choose a printer, you want to know the objective of purchasing the printers.

Functions and specifications to look

Well, the modern printers includes a numerous specifications. You do not need them all. You can stay with a set of functions as well as requirements.

Paper support: The first thing you intend to check before acquiring a printer is the type of documents the printer support. Each printer is developed for details purposes so each of them sustains for an established document. As an example, not all printers are capable of printing on transparent documents.

Colors​​​​: You must need to  inspect the color quality of a printer. The color quality of a printer is revealed by dots per inch (DPI). For example, a printer having 2000 dots per inch (DPI) develops 2000 dots per inch both horizontally as well as vertically. The even more is the dots per inch (DPI), the much better is the color quality. A dot per inch (DPI) value of 1400 is good for virtually anything.

The second thing you intend to check is the variety of ink tanks in the printer. An inkjet printer with 6 ink storage tanks is excellent to develop photos of hundreds of color combinations.

Page dimensions: If you require to publish huge documents like A3 documents and you brought a printer which does not sustain to print such huge pages, you are in trouble. After that, all your money is lost even if you pick the printer which favor all your other requirements. So, You will require to take an eye on this.

Connection and compatibility: You want your printer to be user friendly and luckily modern-day printers are getting a growing ultra user friendly these days. Small and large printers are available which can be attached by numerous means. You can attach your phone and computer to your printer by USB, Ethernet and Wi-fi. You can also pick printer with memory slots and touch screen which will be extremely easy to use.

Functional concerns: You should examine what the printer is capable of carrying out in terms operations. The main 2 points you wish to inspect is price of operation and task cycle. Well, the price of operation depends totally on you and several high quality printer manufacturers are supplying free inks with some particular printers. If you get on budget, you can select among them.

The additional thing prior to picking a printer, you should have concept of the amount of pages you will be printing in each month. The technical term is called duty cycle. It is the number of pages a printer can a print with no damage of its components. A duty cycle of 8000  pages is superb. 

We research and identified the best duplex printers for you within a small budget. 

1.HP Laserjet Pro M148fdw All-in-One Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

If you are trying to find a printer packed with tons of features, the HP Laserjet Pro M148fdw All-in-One Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer is your best bet. Although this design has an expensive cost, you will most definitely be impressed by its capacity and efficiency.

The HP Laserjet Pro M148fdw All-in-One Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer is designed with the current innovation to supply a high-quality print. Let's take a look at its functions.


It uses high yield toner. This special attribute of the HP Laserjet Pro M148fdw Printer is what makes printing flawless and sensible. It can print images that look exactly like the one you see on your computer or  smartphone. You will love the  gray scale inks that are dedicated to publish magnificent black and white images or prints.

The OIG system aids the printer in picking the best ink or shade mix to accomplish the most effective print quality. This ensures that each print preserves an all-natural shade in the best possible way. The OIG system can detect various sorts of print products including plastic.

This allows the system to take into consideration numerous elements such as color thickness, reflection and tone. When this is done, each color is balanced in a perfect equilibrium and the appropriate area is figured out right before the printing starts. This modern technology has the power to supply prints that will certainly be much better than what you have pictured.

The Air print Innovation enables you to print your documents, photos and e-mails with your iOS gadget without setting up the driver.

It has a Two-way paper feeder system. One feeder is for the most typical or sustained media while the other is for thicker paper and various other materials such as vinyl.



Supports paper plain, envelope, cardstock, photo and label papers. 

Monochromatic printer 

Versatile connection options

Not a compact printer at all

250 pages input feeder

Can printer up to 30 pages minutes 



2. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

The next best printer for duplex printing is produced by a well-reputed brand Brother. This model has all of the innovative features which contemporary printers are expected to have. In addition to that, it can publish on multiple media types with exceptional quality. This printer can fulfill your entire gorgeous print requirements. It can publish approximately all large format pages you ever need.

To give a comprehensive, sturdy and professional-quality print, the Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer is equipped with increased efficiency. It also ensures high longevity.

This printer has various degrees of black ink. It makes excellent Black and White print despite the type of print materials made use of.

The ink cartridges have high capacity to ensure nonstop printing. Each individual ink cartridges can hold up to authorized amount of ink.

For even more benefit and convenience, the Brother Compact Laser Printer has numerous connectivity alternatives. It can be connected with USB, Wi-Fi or Ethernet. With this user-friendly interface, going through the settings is made simple. It Supports several media types. So, it is possible to print whatever you want to print on like a plain paper, plastic, photo paper, canvas, shiny photo paper.



Affordable price 

Monochromatic laser print technology

High speed printing 

Not suitable for cardstock and label papers 

Can be connected via ethernet or Wi-Fi. 

Large input feed tray 



3. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer HLL2390DW

This laser printer from Brother is what you must think about if you are going shopping on a spending plan. We chose this low spending plan printer because it does its task well and it is highly trustworthy.

In spite of its budget-friendly price tag, it has all the necessary functions to supply you with a high-quality print. Printing rate is incredibly fast, you can print your documents in just a short amount of time but this does not influence or jeopardize the print quality.

You can manage your printing with the help of a smartphone. With this amazing function, you reach the peak power of a printer on your handheld smart device.

All you require to do is to install an App on your phone and establish a connection with your printer. You can command a hard copy or check a record, and  a lot more. To browse the setups, you can make use of a user friendly touchscreen. It is very easy to use and offers a lot more comfort.



Duplex printer and laser tech. 

Monochromatic printer 

Reasonable price 

Not suitable for art works 

Supports variety of paper types 

All in one printer 



4.  Lexmark MB2236adwe Multifunction Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

The Lexmark MB2236adwe Multifunction Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer is a distinctive printer made for a smaller workplace or local business. The something that makes this printer unique  is that it has a significant ink storage tank which can last for long time. No wonder, they determined to name it as ink saver toner.


As its name recommends, this printer has an ink saver toner and an internal ink tank that can hold sufficient ink to provide your printing activities for quite a time. This indicates you need not to change or replace the ink cartridges for an entire year. This attribute is one of the coolest features of this printer. With this amazing function, you can confidently publish your brochures without worrying about the ink running low or being disrupted midway.

The Lexmark MB2236adwe Multifunction Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer lets you know just how much ink is remaining and how many prints it can do with the current amount of ink.

You can conveniently organize and handle your prints wirelessly from your tablet computer or mobile phone. You can print or check wirelessly via a Google cloud print or Wi-Fi. Finally, with the automated 2 sided or duplex printing, you get to save more paper as well as money.



Less operating cost 

High initial cost

Ink monitor system. 

Monochromatic machine 

Great touchscreen and sound system 

Super high speed printer 



5. Canon Color Image CLASS LBP622Cdw –Wireless

Are you trying to find an affordable printer that will satisfy all of your workplace or residence demands? If so, you have actually found one, this model has even more functions than the other printers at a greater price and it provides a magnificent printing quality. Let us have a look at its functions.


This printer has everything, it has a photo-copier and a scanner. So, it will make your work a lot easier if there is a requirement to check or replicate something.

You can conveniently run your printer with a big touchscreen screen. Surfing the Printer's program has actually never ever been so easy. You can access your printer via your smartphone or tablet computer. Simply link it with your phone through Bluetooth. Ethernet is available too.

Multiple individual ink system ensure optimal print results, color, deepness and clearness. Whatever your need, you can constantly anticipate a professional-quality print with this awesome printer.

Last but not least, this model can make your printing a lot easier and comes with an integrated card visitor.



Ultra high resolution printer 

Suitable for paper plain only 

Saves money on toner 

Price is high 

Can be connected to Wi-Fi or smart device 



6. HP Laserjet Pro M118dw Wireless

The HP Laserjet printers are designed for high quantity and for inexpensive printing, M118dw wireless  is just one of those. Furnished with a constant ink supply, this printer will meet your every demand. It is an all in one printer, which means it has a photo copier and a scanner.

This printer includes an extremely high quantity of ink in the box which can last for years.

You can print from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet computer by linking them with your printer through a Wi-Fi directly. 

You will certainly discover a display screen at the front and to browse the settings just push the switches with the help of this tiny display.

Automatic two-sided printing can assist in saving approximately 50 percent of your matte paper or various other products. This device works with different variations of Microsoft Windows and Mac.





Duplex printing 

Not recommended for graphic works

Less price 

Monochromatic device 

Multifunction printer 

Various connection options

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