How Much Does A Printer Cost?

So the question is how much does a printer a cost? It totally depends on the type of printer you need to buy. A printer can be very expensive or very cheap. The price ranges of printers are diversified from low to high price.

If you are planning to buy an entry level printer, then it should not cost you more than 100 dollars. But if you need to buy a printer for business purpose, it can be very expensive depending on the work performed by the printer. An expensive printer can cost you up to 20,000 dollars.

So, to understand which printer costs how much, you will need to know the key factors and uses of different printers. Don’t worry my friend, I am here to help you out from this confusing situation. After reading this article, you will get a complete idea about prices of different printers.

Table of different types and brands price range

Printer type

Brand name

Price range

Inkjet printer











Laser printer

















All in one printer













Dye sublimation









Thermal printer













Photo printer




150- 600







LED printer







Wide format & Plotter printer







Super tank printer







Dot matrix printer







3D printer









Two Trees




Actual value of a printer!

When buying a printer, you should not only check on the price tag. Because a printer actually costs you throughout its lifetime. So, what you need to focus is the value of a printer. Okay, let’s crack this with an example.

If you buy a car with 10$ and your car gives you mileage of 20km. And your friend buys a car with 20$ which gives 30km mileage. Now, assume that both you and your friend drive 60km every day and 1 litter of octane’s price is 1$. So, after 10 years of driving, you will use fuel of 10,950$ and your friend will use fuel that cost 7,300$. So, you can see your friend actually saved 3650$ over 10 years. So, definitely your friend’s car provide better value. May be you have saved 10$ when buying the car, but in long term you will have to spend on that car more.

Similarly, when you are buying a printer you need to focus on the ink cartridges price, cost per page, pages per minute, printer spare parts price and etc. Because you have to bear these prices over the lifetime of that printer. So, the cost of printer depends on its value.

Factor for price variations  

You may ask that why the price of printer is so much up and down. There are actually some factors which determine the price. Let’s talk about those factors.

Type of printer

Printer’s type is the main factor for setting the price of a printer. Inkjet printers, Laser printer, all in one printers etc. are different types of printer. As their mechanism are different and every type of printer offers you unique features. So, there are price variations for every printer type. For example, inkjet printer are mostly affordable. And these printers are best for everyday use. Laser printers are a bit expensive than inkjet printers. Laser printer provides fast printing, better cost per page rate, longevity and fine quality printing. So, their price is higher. All in one printer offers you multitasking like scanning, photocopying, faxing and printing. So, you can tell by yourself that these printers will be a bit more expensive than the regular ones. So, you can see printer’s type plays a vital role for determining the printer’s price.

Color capacity

A printer’s price also depends on which type of print they provide. Based on color a printer can be of two types: color printer and monochrome printer. Monochrome printers are cheap. Because they can just print black on white paper. On the other hand color printers are comparatively expensive. Color printer can produce any color with the basic four colors: red, blue, yellow and black. Three color cartridges are also used. But these are costlier.

Cost of the cartridges

If you talk about the value of a printer, then you should definitely think about the cost of the cartridges. Not all the models of printer use same cartridges. So, cheap and better quality cartridges are preferable when buying a printer. A printer with low initial cost might need high priced cartridges. Because it’s all about technology. So, if you want to get better/cheaper cartridge price, then printer’s buying price will eventually increase.

Cost per page

Let me ask you a question. Which printer will provide a lower cost per page rate? A cheap printer or expensive one? The answer is simple, it’s the expensive one. Because advance technologies are used to minimum the cost or ink usage in a printer. For these features you need to pay extra when buying a printer. In a printer the lower the printing cost per page, the higher the value increases.

Maintenance cost

It’s a factor for price variation on which maximum of us don’t pay attention. If printer is need to be maintained frequently, then you will not ultimately get the best value out of it. So, durability or cheap spare parts facility is an important factor for a printer. A brand which will ensure these, they will charge you more when buying a brand new printer. Because you are ultimately getting more value from it in future. Warranty policy, free servicing etc. are also considered when setting price. The higher the facility, the higher the price.

After explaining all these factors of cheap to expensive pricing of printers, we can come to a summation. Price of printer increases with the increase of value provided by it. But, you need to find the best value printer according to your usage or need.

Price of inkjet printer

Inkjet printers print by spraying ink through small nozzles head. Inkjet printers are widely used in home and offices. Many brands produce inkjet printers and their prices are almost similar to each other. Injects printers are very much affordable. You can get basic printers at below 100 dollars. With the increase of price, you will get extra features like scanning, wireless facility and etc.

Hp inkjet printer’s price starts from around $70. And the most expensive one is around $800. Hp manufactures two series of inkjet printers: deskjet and officejet. Deskjet printers are cheaper and can be found below $150. Hp officejet models are sold at a bit higher price.

Canon inkjet printers are priced between 80-850 dollars. Canon produces inkjet printer with the name “Pixma series”. Pixma series has a wide range of product line between this price ranges. So, you will get your specific featured printer at a reasonable price.

Brother inkjet printer’s price starts from 140 dollars. It’s a bit higher than other brands as it has more features than the very basic level printers. If you talk about the expensive ones, then it has a similar highest price like other brands which is around 700 dollars.

Epson inkjet printers are in market with the name “Workforce series”. Workforce models are available at 130 to 700 dollars.

Lexmark inkjet printer doesn’t have so much variations in models. Their printer’s price starts from $80 and their high end printers are priced at $400.

Laser printer price

A laser printer uses laser to transfer text or images on paper. With this procedure a very high quality text and images can be produced. Xerox PARC invented laser printing systems at 1970. After that it became popular when all other brands started to manufacture laser printer.

Hp brand’s laser printers are called Laserjet. By Laserjet series, Hp has brought many models in the market from very cheap to very expensive. An entry level laser printer costs around 120 dollar and extreme level printers are sold around 3600 dollars. Expensive models are basically for business purpose.

Lexmark is a well-known laser printer manufacturer. They produces from monochrome laser printer to expensive multi-function laser printers. Their printer’s price starts from 130 dollars. They also produces almost 20,000 dollars priced printers.

Brother company’s laser printers are sold at reasonable price. The price starts from 150 dollars. You will get a good quality multifunction laser printer below 800 dollars. You will also see brother laser printers are sold up to 2000 dollars in the market.

As we know Xerox brought laser printer first in the market. Still they are fine quality laser printer producer. Xerox multifunction laser printer’s price starts from 200 dollars. But you will get monochrome laser printer from Xerox at around 150 dollars. They high-end multi functioned printers are sold around 6200 dollars.

Canon laser printer’s price starts from below 100 dollars. But their laser printer series “imageclass” printer’s entry level models are priced from around 120 dollars.  Canon laser printers can cost you up to 2700 dollars.

There are other Brands who also make laser printers. Dell printers are priced between 250 – 3700 dollars. Pantum printers are found between 85-200 dollars. Samsung printers are sold between 250-2000 dollars.

Price of Dot matrix printers

Dot matrix printer is a type of impact printer. Dot matrix is an old technology but it is still a reliable fast printer and it is not that expensive. Now only a few brands are manufacturing dot matrix printers. Epson and OKI are notable among them.

Epson dot matrix printers were the market leader at one time. In today’s time, Epson dot matrix printers can be found at around 200 dollars. With the increasing of price you will get extra features, fast printing and better printing quality. And there are available models from 200-1600 dollars price range. Wide format dot matrix printers are expensive. These printers can cost you up to 2700 dollars.

OKI printer has very versatile price variations. Oki dot matrix printer’s price starts from 320 dollars. If you want to have microline feature then you might have to spend more than 400 bucks. So for the wide carriage you will almost need 2000 dollars. OKI’s expensive printers will ensure you a very speedy print. The expensive dot-matrix “pacemark” series will cost you 3600-4200 dollars.

Lexmark dot matrix printers are very much affordable. Lexmark’s price starts from 85 dollars which is the cheapest in current market. Most of the models are priced below 200. If you want to have printer with new features then you will need to spend more than 300 bucks.

Price of photo printer

Photo printers are specially designed printers which can print high quality photos. A photo printer can be inkjet or laser printer. Photo printer’s prices are affordable but can be expensive for specific printings. The higher the price the better the color and resolution will be resulted.

Hp produces fine quality photo printers. Some of their Envy series models are photo printers. Envy series photo printer’s prices are among 130-800 dollars.

Epson manufactures photo printers in Expression series models. Epson Expression photo printer’s price lies between 150-600 dollars.

Canon makes photo printers in both Pixma and Selphy series. Canon photo printer’s price range is 145 to 700 dollars. In this range Pixma series introduces both entry level and high end photo printers. Selphy series printers can be found in market below 500 dollars.

Lifeprint photo printers are basically portable photo printer. These printers are compatible with smartphones and other devices. Lifeprint printers can be bought in 70-160 dollars price range.

Kodak produces both portable and non-portable photo printers. Kodak portable photo printer’s price starts from 80 dollars. You can get Kodak professional photo printer at around 600 dollars.

All in one printer price

Printing, photocopying, scanning and faxing, these all works are offered by a single all in one printers. These printers are also called multifunctional printers.

The price of Hp all in one printer starts from $90 and ends up around $9000. The expensive ones are called laserjet multifunctional printers.

Canon all in one printer’s price range is 180-1100 dollars and Epson all in one printer’s price range is 150 to 830 dollars. Both brands offer similar type of printers according to price.

Xerox printers price starts from 300 dollars. Lexmark produces the most expensive all in one printers which is priced around 10,000 dollars.

Price of dye sublimation printer

Dye sublimation printers are used for printing on papers, card stocks, fabrics or plastics.

Epson offers dye sublimation printer at minimum of 390 dollars. Other brands like DNP and Evolis’s starting price is comparatively 450 and 500 dollars.  Fargo brand’s starting price is a bit higher which is 850 dollars.

For the high-end printers, Epson’s maximum price is $1150. DNP and Evolish’s maximum prices are 1300 and 4200 dollars. Fargo printer’s highest price is around 3700 dollars.

Price of Thermal printer

Thermal printers are used for creating label and stickers, safety signs, barcodes etc. Thermal printers are also called label printers. These printers are not that expensive.

Brother thermal printer’s price range is 80-900 dollars. Canon is way cheaper than Brother. Its price range is 35-350 dollars. GOOJPRT brand’s price range is similar to canon which is 40-140 dollars.

Epson offers price among 130 to 550 dollars. Hp and Zebra brand’s prices are comparatively 50-9500 and 40-5700. They are the only expensive thermal printer producers.

Price of LED printer

The LED printers are similar to laser printers. The difference is it uses LED light as a light source for printing.

Oki LED printers are found between 250-7500 dollars. Brother printers are found in 500-2000 dollars price range.

Xerox LED printers are available in 320 to 2500 dollars.

Price of wide format and plotter printer

Wide format printers are used for printing on large size paper or banner or poster. These printers can print bigger things than other printers.

Epson wide format printer’s price starts from 350 and ends at 2800 dollars. Hp brand’s price range is 250 to 9000 dollars.

Canon’s wide format printers are comparatively expensive. They are found in the range of 1000-10,200 dollars.

Price of Supertank printers

Supertank printers are very much economical for ink cost and usage. In this technology, inks are refillable.

Epson Echotanks are priced between 250-500 dollars. Canons Megatank models are priced at 180-520 dollars.

Brother Inkvestment series printer’s price range is 330 to 370 dollars.

Price of 3D printers

3D printers are totally new invention. 3D printers can create a 3D shape with the command of a computer.

There are many brands which produces similar priced 3D printers. Creality3D printer’s price range is 170-1170 dollars. Anet 3D printer’s price is between 190 to 550 dollars.

Tronxy printer’s prices are between 160-1040 dollars.

Longer and Aibecy printer’s prices start from 230 dollars. But their highest priced printers are sold at $580 and $840. Two Trees brand’s 3D printers are sold between 510-970 dollars.

So, that’s it! I think now you have the complete idea about printer’s buying cost. As we are at the very end of this article, I want you again to remember that, a printer should be bought by considering its actual value rather than its initial cost. Hope it helps!

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