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Inkjet Printers vs Laser Printers: All You Need to Know

Laser printers are previous machine models to the Inkjet printers now we all see today. Laser printers took the printing market by storm from dot printers which held a huge market before laser printer was introduced. But the reign of Laser Printer was really short lived in terms of the reign of dot printers that had years of monopoly.

Laser printers are as they sound functioned by light rays or commonly known lasers to produce any line, shape or letter. Became a must buy product for any kind of office. Almost any new start up office would include at least a desk, chair, computer and a laser printer in the workstation.


Pink Color

But as the technology kept on surprising us in the 20th century and sure to surprise us more in coming days, the Inkjet was introduced very recently. The Inkjet printers function in a different way than the traditional dot matrix printers or laser printers. There are mini pores in the nail like functional body of the printers that drop ink droplets to produce color desired by the user. Soon the market was divided between the laser printers and the Inkjet Printers.

Never mind being the latest edition to the printing industry, the Inkjet Printers are often under looked by the Laser printers that took the previous market. Many reasons held accountable for such discussions. Branding and advertising are highly responsible for such confusions. But after this article the customers will have all the need to know to get on their printer selection.

Epson Inkjet

Depending on the usage, place, mobility, efficiency and cost the Inkjet Printers and the Laser Printers have different market base. Different users demand different services in different costs and in different manner. So, here is all you need to know about Laser Printers and Inkjet Printers in a comparison manner to understand what you need.

Benefits of Laser Pinter

  • It is faster functioning printing machine than an Inkjet Printer.
  • It prints sharper black and other dark color fonts than Inkjet Printers.
  • It generally prints better in terms of size variations in a single page print.
  • It provides better performance in heavy duty or big task operations.
  • It suits better for domestic usage and regular household printing and also small business.
  • It is generally praised as it is cost efficient comparing to Inkjet. Though in market the prices vary time to time and brand to brand but products of same cost and manner will tell the difference and at the end of the day the user can always choose what comforts him the most.
  • Maintenance is easy and not costly.
  • Very easy to operation to by connecting with a computer or laptop.
  • It provides with more prints sheets comparing to Inkjet Printers per Toner cartridge.
  • Easy to print. Kids, students, officials and all can use it.

Drawbacks of Laser Printer

  • User friendly of simpler graphical contents only and lower resolution images.
  • Inks leak could be found in various cases which could highly damage the hard work.
  • Takes time to warm up and start for the first print. So, the first print is always takes the most time.
  • Applicable for fewer paper types than Inkjet. So, paper budget has to be planned.
  • Takes more area than Inkjet as it is somewhat bigger in most cases. Though modern models do come in many sizes and shapes.
  • Generally the body is heavier than most Inkjet Printers and difficult to lift.
  • It is found to be less mobile than Inkjet Printers. Moving offices or chambers with it demands more labor.
  • It could prove costly in terms of purchasing new toner cartridges every time.
  • Needs new toner cartridges every time as toner cartridges are marketed for single use only.
  • Bad for recycling and re use in terms of toner cartridges.
  • May be labeled inferior to Inkjet Printers for environmental issues.

Benefits of Inkjet Printers

  • Generally no warm up time is needed. So, it works instantaneous. So the delayed first sheet print is unlikely.
  • Applicable for variety of paper texture and even fabric in some cases. So, one machine hold multiple tasks. Though it is suggested to use different operating machines for different task in case of high usage.
  • It provides with the best service for graphical contents and gives better results and details in both glossy and matt paper types.
  • It is the better option to use it in offices that demands time to time prints of graphic works.
  • It produces greater color gradients in prints in all kinds of sheets.
  • Comparatively Lower cost in starting.
  • Supports reusable ink cartridges that saves users money
  • It always saves a lot of money in refilling and maintenance criteria.
  • Better mobility and less heavy than laser printer. So, moving office or chambers or changing the workstation doesn’t demand much work for this device.
  • Can be easily labeled environment friendly.

Laser Technology

Drawbacks of Inkjet Printers

  • Very costly for domestic and household usage.
  • It not always suggested for new start up business or small businesses.
  • Prints less sheets print outputs comparing to Laser printers in terms of per ink cartridges.
  • Starts very quickly but prints slower than Laser Printer. It is so found when the operator demands a larger task involving more prints.
  • It demands a lot in case of maintenance as it needs proper and frequent checks in the ink cartridges.
  • Highly sensitive to water as the color is mixed in water contents to begin with. So, a drop of water spilled in the paper will show a color gradient like Chromatography.
  • Wastes Ink in auto maintenance.
  • Various minor malfunctions could be found.
  • Costly for heavy duty tasks for higher ink consumption.

This takes us to the end of our discussion to inform you about Laser printers and Inkjet printers. So, before buying any printer and specifically to reduce the confusion between the selection of Inkjet printer and a Laser Printer, it is highly suggested that you look at these features thoroughly. Check your budget, check desk and mind your task then check the features and save money. Keep the money in your piggy banks. participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to