Best Printers under $150 in 2021: Top 6 Printers Around $100

Remaining in lockdown, you probably are hoping to enjoy electronic devices and digital displays. Regardless of just how much we advance with rocket science, we cannot but ignore real documents in life. A printer is essential for printing documents, photos, brochures, cards and flyers. So, sit back and relax because we rubbed via the internet to locate the most effective printers for you to conserve your time looking for the ideal one. In this article, you will be suggested the best printers under $150 and around $100 in 2020.

While composing this write-up, we concentrated on rate along with efficiency. These printers are all inexpensive and also are very easy to use. You can certainly pick the one from the series of printers of the top quality These printers can be used to print various types of documents and photos.





Plain paper support,

Inkjet innovation,

Compact size.



High page speed,

Detail picture.



Ultra page speed,

Laser printer.


ISO authorized,

Multipurpose printer,

High resolution


LED screen,

Ink recorder,

Detail picture.


Ink saver,


Multi function.

Some fundamental key points to remember while acquiring a printer

Paper size: What size of paper do you want to publish? It may be A4 or Lawful or any other type. You want to remember that you must purchase your by knowing your paper size. 

Frequency: Just how usually would you utilize a printer? It means how many pages per day or per week. It causes a printer with ink saving options or cheaper printer toner cartridges.

Paper per minutes (PPM): This is the printer's speed. It might varies according to one's use or selection.

FunctionalitiesYou may desire printing, copying, scanning in one gadget. Or maybe even Fax! So this is fairly an important standard.

1. Canon TS202 Inkjet Photo Printer

Do you need a strong printer that gets the job done each time? Order this printer and make it a part of your home or office.

The Canon TS202 Inkjet Photo Printer is an entry-level all in one printer for moderate printing requirements. It would much better function as a personal black and white laser printer for home usage or office use. Most importantly, it is under $100.

you can save money on printer cartridge. Besides, they deliver up to 2 times extra sharp prints up to 2400 x 1200 dpi. You can start your printing jobs quickly with easy setup and print with notable speeds reaching 20 pages per minute. The tray for paper handling holds 60 sheets of paper and a hands-on feed slot for printing envelopes, tags and other off-size media.

Ethernet makes it simple to share with numerous individuals on your network or connect in your area with a USB wire. Nonetheless, the world is scooting and no one has time for wires. So, the ability to attach cordless and print from cloud based solutions is permitted which is a must need at present times. By this, you can print from your tablet or smartphone anytime, anywhere.

This device is very easy in the event of troubles because  you can speak to company assistance that is readily available for your printers.



Price is under $100

Suitable for paper plain only 

Compact printer 

Small input and output tray 

Uses inkjet technology

Does not support large papers 

Comes with multiple ink tanks 



2. Epson Expression Home XP-4100

The Epson Expression Home XP-4100 is a top quality entry-level all in all printer that will satisfy the requirements of local business as well as basics. It's equipped to do more than simply print as it can copy, fax and scan.

With the ability of publishing 30 pages in a minute, you can depend on this printer to rapidly publish your papers. It can hold 300 sheets of paper. 250 sheets on the paper tray and 50 on an automated paper feeder. Thanks to the bundled hands-on feed slot, you can make use of different sorts of paper with this printer.

There are different connectivity options readily available to you including cordless, Wi-Fi, and USB. Epson printer is the name of high resolution and this model is no exception. 

The touchscreen makes navigating easy and you can conserve your personalized settings. Generally, this is a quality and multifunctional printer that fulfills the needs of businesses and people with bulk volume printing.



All in one printer 

Does not allow third party ink

High resolution 

High ink cost 

Duplex printer 

Various connectivity options 



3. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser

Are you looking for a printer that can deal with hefty loads efficiently? Then, this printer is your best option. The Brother Compact Monochrome Laser is suitable for all your high quantity printing, scanning, duplicating, or faxing tasks. In addition, the triple-layer security element ensures your files, network, and devices' security. This business design gray scale all in one laser printer is most likely to be a fantastic property to your firm. You can enjoy boosted performance and affordable outcome thereby reducing procedures costs promptly.

Individuals will certainly have the ability to fabricate documents of 1200 x 1200 dpi. The 250-sheet major input tray in addition to the 50-sheet multi-purpose tray and a 70-sheet ADF handles all the paper functions. You can check status and control setups from touchscreen for basic operability.

Built-in wireless and Ethernet user interfaces enable quick printing. You can take advantage of using mobile device printing or scan via AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Bro iPrint & Check, and Wi-Fi Direct. At the same time, it is possible to print from popular cloud services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and more.

Brother Monochrome Laser gives a 1 year limited service warranty combined with cost-free support for the life of your item, with the web, telephone call or live conversation support.



High speed with 32 PPM value 

Comparatively high price 

Suitable for envelopes, cardstock and paper plain

Monochromatic printer 

250 pages tray 

Can be connected via Wi-Fi and USB. 



4. Epson Workforce WF-2830 All-in-One Wireless

When deciding to get a printer all of us wish to obtain our hands on to the one which is not going to cost way too much but it should still be capable of meeting all our demands. The Epson Workforce WF-2830 All-in-One Wireless is a budget-friendly printer around $150 for minor quantities of printing.

This printer can experience sufficient roles in your home or local business with its specifications and features. It will 

generate detailed borderless photographs or sharp texts with Brother High return ink cartridges. Additionally, images and text come out at approximately 6000 x 1200 dots per inch with speeds of 30pages per min in black and 15 pages per min in color. Additionally, the 30 sheets automated file feeder makes it feasible for duplexing capabilities and a 250 sheet ability paper tray. So, it a  perfect choice for an affordable all in one printer. You can control and do walk up jobs with the switches close by a LCD screen displaying your instructions.

It is very simple to interact with this printer, either by built-in cordless or USB link. You can join your PC and phone by utilizing a cord with the USB option. Moreover, you can print wirelessly from your smart phones from a number of compatible apps. This printer maximize the straightforward connection directly to the cloud by the control board.

This printer can be rated number one in integrity as this supplies totally free support over the phone or via their online conversation service online in addition to a 1 year limited warranty.



Affordable price 

High ink cost 

Pigment ink tank 

Does not support third party ink

High speed and resolution 

Small document feeder 

Awesome touchscreen 



5. Canon TS5320 All In One

A  proper selection for the individual searching for a small multifunction inkjet printer with print, scan, duplicate as well as fax features.

The Canon TS5320 All In One  enables you to work smarter but not harder. An affordable alternative loaded with printing, duplicating, scanning, and faxing attributes making it the ideal printer for your home or office which delivers premium quality printing activities.

This product can be considered to be fast with18 ppm printing in black and 10 ppm in color. This printer prints at resolutions of  approximately 6000 x 1200 dpi. The automatic duplex (two-sided) printing conserves paper and time. Flexible paper handling is in the hands of a 200-sheet capacity paper tray along with a bypass and picture trays. In order to handle controls and tasks, the display screen touch screen comes with a few buttons.

Wi-Fi Direct connects your phone or tablet computer right away. Thre is no requirement to attach to a network or router. Mobile-connectivity options through the wireless connection are Google Cloud, Apple AirPrint, Mopria and more. It still enables the standard USB user interface if you so wish.

On the off possibility that something goes wrong with the very best all in one inkjet printer, it has 2-year minimal service warranty plus free online, telephone call, or live conversation assistance which will fix any kind of issue or guide you on just how to fix the issues.



Perfect for graphics and photography

Price is little higher 

Supports photo and thick papers 

All in one printer 

Various wireless connection options 



6. Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless

There is so much to concerning this Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless printer. The flexibility and capability of this printer make it perfect for a busy work environment where there is need of properly published documents. This model is quick among the very best printer on the market.

This printer is efficient in printing about 18 pages in just one minute. So, speed is not a problem with this printer. Actually, Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless is the go-to printer if you want quick speeds and reduced upkeep.

The tray of this printer can accommodate up to 100 sheets. By adding extra trays, you can enhance the ability to 500 trays which is perfect for high quantity printing. And you have various connectivity choices available to you. You can use a wireless link Ethernet, or USB link whichever you desire.

You can also publish from mobile applications such as Google Cloud. There is an incorporated security step that avoids unauthorized access.

There is a big LCD screen that allows you to control this printer and personalize the setups. You will must like the automated duplex function along with the automated 50-page document feeder. This top notch printer provide longevity.



Ink saving technology

Small document feeder

Copying and scanning is possible 

Does not allow large papers 

Affordable price 

Awesome touchscreen and sound system



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is the difference between an inkjet printer and a thermal printer?

Answer: An inkjet printer uses inkjet innovation in which the ink is smoothly sprayed on the paper by very little nozzles. This is just one of the most thoroughly utilized printers which creates images of truly high quality. The premium quality of a picture is established in regards to resolution. Inkjet printer is comprehended for the info functions. This provides accuracy as well as preferred by the artists and professionals.

On the other hand, the term thermal is extremely pertaining to heat as well as stress. When a system uses temperature and pressure to get to a goal, it is taken into consideration as thermal procedure. In case of printer, a thermal innovation printer is suitable for fabric printing and heat press press machine.

2. What is the difference between an inkjet thermal printer and inkjet printer?

Answer: An inkjet thermal printer is a very high quality printer which is suitable for heat press machine. This type of printer produces premium images on heat transfer paper and vinyl paper using inkjet technology. In inkjet technology, ink is sprayed on the paper by some small tiny nozzles and an operating system controls the total procedure.

3. What does monochromatic printer mean?

Answer: Monochromatic means one colored. A printer is called monochromatic when it can print only black and white.

4. How do I know the speed of a printer?

Answer: Not all printers print pages at the same speed. The speed of a printer is determined by knowing the number of pages it can print per minutes (PPM).

5. What is page yield?

Answer: Page yield is the number of pages a printer can print per ink cartridges or toner. A customer can easily go for a printer which is approved by International Organization of Standardization (ISO). A printer printing about 200 pages per cartridges can be called as standard. 

6. What is print head?

Answer: The printer head is the heart of an inkjet printer which has tiny nozzles and used to spray ink from ink cartridges.

7. What is drum?

Answer: Drum is a major part of a laser printer. The drum is favorably charged as well as connected to a cable. And the drum rotates by the instructions. As the drum turns, electrostatic power is created. This power is the laser which creates the patterns as well as images of the electronic documents and texts.

8. What is paper capacity?

Answer: The paper tray holds the pages that are loaded to be printed in a printer. The number of pages that a paper tray can hold varies from printer to printer. A paper capacity of 250 pages of  A4 size paper can be considered as average.

9. How do I know the image quality of a printer?

Answer: The image quality of a printer is judged in terms of resolution. The higher is the resolution; the better is the image quality. The resolution of a printer is measured in terms of dots per inch. A printer creates 1200 dots per inch (DPI) means the printer produces 1200 dots both in rows and columns.

10. What is auto document feeder?

Answer: An auto document feeder (ADF) is an attribute in printers, in which a brunch of paper is put into the printer and the pages are automatically fed through it permitting the user to printer or copy without manually handling each page right into the machine.

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