Best Printers for Waterproof Labels Stickers-2021: Top 6 for Vinyl Printing

Are you intending to make waterproof labels and stickers? Are you in business temporarily and attempting to develop it more? Then, you must need a quality printer which is suitable for labels and stickers. In addition, you need to find good label papers. These two tools can make your business of sticker printings effective. You can work with practically any type of crafts if you keep in mind these two. 

In the beginning, I am most likely to allow you understand the minimal specs that you must want to know to find the best printer for vinyl printing. As all printers are not ideal to print on vinyl papers and label papers, you need to look into the conjectures to select a printer. Or else, you may be dealing with paper jams and poor quality photos. In the later component, I will be reviewing the six printers specially suited for vinyl printing. Below I listed six best printer suitable for printing waterproof labels and stickers.





Inkjet Technology,

High resolution,

label paper support.


Variety paper support,

Detail picture,

Instant ink


Label paper support,




Multiple paper support,

High resolution,

Inkjet technology


Dye sublimation technology,

specially suited for stickers,

Ultra light weight.


Laser technology,


Label paper support.

Minimum Specifications

1. The first thing you wish to look is the type of the certain printer. If the printing tool does not support printing labels and stickers, you can pass by it. You can select a top quality photo printer for vinyl printing tasks. Once more, if you intend to grow your organization, you need to plan it much better. For this, I suggest printer which sustains printing on transparencies too. Because this way, you can choose display printing approach of printing. So, in case, you have enough budgets; you should to go with a printer that can print on transparencies. In fact, that kind of printer is extremely powerful and you can use it in home and workplace. The printers for transparences are suited for card printing, photo printing, cardstock printing, publishing tags and stickers, envelopes etc. 

2. You must inspect the resolution or image quality of the printer. The greater the resolution value, the better is the photo development. Resolution is calculated in dots per inch (DPI). As an example, a printer having 1200 DPI resolution is far better than a 600 DPI resolution printer. You need to select a printer having resolution greater than 1400 DPI which is in fact pretty good for professional photographers.

3. Paper dimension and also weight is an additional specification that is obligatory to look for. You must pick the paper size based upon your demands. The weight of printing paper is gauged in pound (lb.) or gram per square meter (gsm). You can select a printer that can print 80 Ib. papers without any convenience.

4. You do not want to pick a printer which prints 2-3 pages per minutes. The rate of a printer is judged by pages per minutes. You need to have a look at it before buying.

5. If your business is large or you intend to grow your service with time, you will require to print a lot. So, you need to follow the obligation cycle of a printer. Duty cycle/ obligation cycle is the number of pages that a printer can publish without having damages of the device. Duty cycle of 8000 pages is good enough.

6. The operation price of a printer is a huge factor. You must check it out. Some high quality printers give free inks even for years.

7. I suggest you to choose inkjet printer as generally most of the labels and stickers expert suggests inkjet printers over printer.

Below are the six printers that I recommend for vinyl printing.

How to choose the right paper for waterproof label & stickers?

Label and stickers are widely used in every possible way. If you go to any shop, you will see a sticker or label on every products. It’s one of the best way for branding and advertising.  And you can print label and sticker by your own with a printer. To print waterproof labels and stickers, you need to choose the correct paper type for better outcome. In this article, we will try to guide you to choose the right paper for label and stickers.

Labels and stickers are generally printed on label paper or vinyl. And matte label paper is used for waterproofing. So now to choose the correct paper, let’s discuss the key factors one by one.

Paper Label and sticker: From label paper cheapest form of labels and stickers are made. It’s the simplest way to print label and stickers. To select paper label, you have to keep in mind some factors.

Where to use? If you plan to use it for personalized name tags, record sleeves or photo stickers, then label paper will be best use for you.

Which cut to select? Label paper is offered in pre-cut labels and whole sheet of paper. You can get pre-cut stickers of round, square or oval shapes. These pre-cut shapes are good for jars or bottle labeling. And if you want to buy whole sheet paper you can cut in customize shape.

Waterproof or not? Normal label papers are not waterproof. To get waterproof result, you need to choose matte label paper and pigment ink and compatible printer.

Vinyl label and sticker: To make vinyl label & stickers you can choose inkjet printable vinyl papers which are very much affordable. Let’s see some key factors to choose vinyl paper.

Vinyl paper made label and sticker has very wide range of using. Vinyl stickers can be used in bumper stickers, production labels and other places too.

If you need waterproofing, then you can make your vinyl paper waterproof. By laminating or coating, you can make it waterproof. If you make vinyl paper waterproof, then it will be better than normal label paper stickers.

Now, besides these two types there are some factors and precautions which need to be followed for any types of paper before choosing.

Adhesive: You have to choose the correct type of adhesive according to your need. If you need planner stickers, then removable adhesive is better for you, as it can be repositioned. Permanent adhesive is not for moving after placement. And for oily surface you need to choose aggressive adhesive for your paper.

Design: If your label and sticker’s design has more text, then you should go for matte sticker paper, and for more image design, glossy sticker paper should be selected. If you plan to write on it then again matte sticker paper is suggested.

Printer precaution: Before choosing any waterproof paper, you need to be sure that if the paper is compatible with your printer. For example, you can’t use inkjet sticker paper in laser printer. Another thing to remember, if you have inkjet printer then you need to choose inkjet sticker paper and laser sticker paper for laser printers.

1. HP OfficeJet 5255

 This HP OfficeJet 5255 has a wide style layout to suit for label prints. Given that sticker, printings are the reason why you require the printer, you will certainly be able to publish extra-large designs to move onto material. With the internal designs, it will be obvious that the labels and stickers will be published on papers are exactly what you wanted.

This printer comes with a touchscreen and the printing time is friendly too. Color picture of top quality is very important for vinyl printing. What you publish will certainly be of top quality once it gets on a sheet of paper. This Hp printer has the capability to produce premium quality labels and stickers. This HP OfficeJet 5255 printer is a feasible option for vinyl printing. 

This printer does consume ink quickly. However, it includes high-capacity ink cartridges to make sure that they last a bit longer than common, which implies you do not have to buy expensive ink cartridges at a regular interval.



2. HP Laserjet Pro M118dw

This HP Laserjet Pro M118dw printer is best for periodic label prints in your home. But it is not the most effective for constantly printing one sheet after the following. Often, the sheets can exhaust or jam the printer, creating more troubles later on. Nevertheless, if you utilize this printer to print labels for fun, then it functions great.

The HP Laserjet Pro M118dw sustains numerous kinds of media, consisting of envelopes, brilliant white paper, glossy photo paper, image paper, labels papers, cardstock and glossy photo papers. This adaptability is what allows you to print stickers rather than normal paper effectively.

You can utilize this printer on nearly any type of computer system operating system, Mac or Windows. Moreover, you can print high-quality images on the any of the above discussed papers. Lastly, the printer is monochromatic and supports duplex printing too.



3. Epson EcoTank ET-2750

Epson EcoTank ET-2750 printer is  the very best printer you can get for label and sticker printings. Epson is one of very few brands which are the most preferred printer brand favored by the professionals and experts. This Epson EcoTank ET-2750 is pretty common for regular works. So, it can print your labels and stickers with perfection. The dimension of the sheet is restricted to a letter or legal size of paper. It has automatic two-sided printing. In any case, you will not need to utilize this feature given that you are just meant to publish on one side of the label paper.

The tray holds 100 label sheets to ensure that you can publish many sheets of papers in a brief time period, and this printer can manage the work, specifically since it comes with RoHs complaint. Although the price might seem a bit high, this printer will definitely help you to grow your business. Most importantly it comes with 2 years of free ink.



4. HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wireless All-in-One Printer

If you are choosing an all in one printer, this HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wireless All-in-One Printer is a great alternative for printing labels. It has wonderful testimonials for printing on envelopes, paper plain, glossy photo papers and high resolution papers and shade that it prints end up great looking.

This printer can make broad formatted prints up to 11" x 17" big. The wide-format indicates you can print designs big or little, for any kind of jobs you decide to handle. Inkjet printers are not always comparable to laser printers, still this one is extraordinary.

Energy efficiency is among the leading attributes of this printer. It consumes to 80 percent less power versus shade printer. Energy-efficient printers conserve you money on your electricity costs. The printer supports duplexing but it does not support HP instant ink feature.



5. Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

Canon printers are a few of the most convenient printers in terms of navigation as well as user-friendliness. This Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer has a color touchscreen that you can be used to change print settings. You can also make changes on your computer system straight before the layout sends it to the printer.

This printer can publish approximately 18 pages per min. Fast printing like this is excellent if you plan to print lots of labels in a short quantity of time. The printer will certainly turn over your completely finished designs seconds after you add the last touches.

Some of its other functions consist of automated 2-sided printing, cordless printing, and document protection. These are vital attributes that you would certainly desire in any type of printer regardless of its intended objective. If you are searching for printers specialized just for labels and stickers, this is the printer you want to choose.



6. HP Laserjet Pro M148fdw

The HP Laserjet Pro M148fdw printer is an all-in-one printer that has all the capability of a top line printer. However, it comes with the included benefit of printing on label paper. Not all printers can do this and a few of the ones that can not generate the ideal support for the job handy. Images can look great on the computer screen, but without the ideal printer, it will certainly look awful on label papers.

You can keep this printer in mind during your search for the very best printer for labels. It has actually high-resolution published images, automatic two-sided printing, and cordless printing abilities. There is very little incorrect with this printer, other than that transparencies supposedly does not constantly run well with the printer.

This printer is surprisingly budget friendly compared to various other professional printers. It is also lighter in weight. The printer is monochromatic and comes with 1000 pages of free toner.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • What is the difference between an inkjet printer and a laser printer?

Answer: An inkjet printer uses inkjet technology in which the ink is straight splashed on the paper by very little nozzles. This is one of the most extensively used printers and creates images of truly premium quality. The premium of an image is determined in terms of resolution. Inkjet printer is understood for the info functions, precision and favored by the artists and specialists.

Laser printer was first designed by a designer of Xerox which utilizes laser development to create pictures on pages. This kind of printer can be costly but creates extreme images of high quality. Laser printer is fast contrasted to inkjet printer. This type of printer is appropriate for loads of printing as well as collaborates with a very reduced toner cost. The basic working of a printer is based upon static energy. Static energy is the energy produced as a result of friction.

  •  What is duplexing of a printer?

Answer: Duplex means consisting of two. In case of a printer, it is the ability of a printer to print in both sides of a paper automatically without any manual touch. At the present market, it is possible to get a duplex printer for about 120 dollars.


  •  What is duty cycle of a printer?

Answer: Duty is the number of pages a printer can print without causing any internal or external damage of the device in a month. An average printer can print about 5000 pages per month easily.

  •  What is a toner?

Answer: Toner produces color in a laser printer. The drum of a laser printer is coated by positively charged powder which is known as toner.

  •  What is the difference between an ink cartridge and a toner?

Answer: Ink cartridges are the storage tanks in an inkjet printer that hold the ink. It can be simply black and white and in colors too. The producers create it based upon the customer demands. It is of different types in terms of holding capability.

On the other hand, Printer toner produces shade in a laser printer. The drum of a laser printer is coated by positively charged powder which is referred to as printer toner.

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