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Why is a Laser Printer Better than Dot Printer?

Dot Matrix printing is one the primary printing machines for paper printing industry introduced before 1960’s. It was also known as Impact matrix printing machine and such naming was responsible for its functioning methodology. It was supposed to be printing machine that actually types the words via low pressure impact with ink similarly like the typewriter in the old days. The machine was design primarily with minimal quality dot matrices for results.

Laser Printer

The Dot printer in its hardware has pins or wires that are very narrow edged. The edge of the wires spread ink to make a very little dot or circle. As the circles could be controlled in various size the printer was capable of printing various range of fonts writing and articles and took over the market of normal type writing machines.

Later in the days after the ink was more developed and was available in multiple options the printer adapted to a newer feature that came as also a color paper printer. This was revolutionary and made the use of printers more widespread. The officials were happier with their work and paper works became more creative. It introduced to more creativity in publishing and advertising culture. But after the years of domination Laser printers took over the business by storm.

3D printer

The laser printer came with various new features that out sold the very old dot printers. The laser printer uses the laser technology to print in precise measures. Also got available in colors.

Here are the reasons why Laser printer is regarded as a better machine than a Dot printer:

  • Edges in the letters were found to be curvy rather liner in dot printers which was bad for various printings and complained by a huge audience.
  • The letters get divided in pixels and could be seen if the font is required bigger. So, popularity shifted to Laser Printed for a valid reason.
  • The pages of the printing surface demanded higher quality texture than regular writing and news print paper.
  • Needed different color inputs for different color outputs. Creating color gradients are not up to the task for Dot Matrix Printers.
  • Takes more time in printing as the model is older and the functioning methodology designs a more complex hardware system.
  • The device is heavier than a laser printer and so it’s difficult to carry. So, moving offices or cleaning and maintenance demands a greater hand.
  • It needs more technical maintenance than laser printer. Moreover, older versions of dot printers need it too often.
  • Work output efficiency is lower than laser printers
  • Costly printing machine in terms of heavy duty performance and maintenance.
  • Has an old look and fashionably incompetent. So, now it is rarely used for domestic usage or household use.
  • Takes more area than laser printer as the body inhibits larger hardware inside for its older design.

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